Otter 2 Karen Pero Cooper

Otter eating sunfish – Karen Pero Cooper

At 1:30 PM, April 2, this happy fellow was cheerfully devouring sunfish on the river ice behind my house a little north of Omemee. At first he looked like a little Ogopogo as he swam down the river- just bumps sticking out above the water- but luckily for me he decided to pull himself up on the ice right in front of my vantage point. He had two sunfish in his mouth, and he let one flop about on the ice while he chomped away at the other. When he was done he slipped back into the water and swam upstream to where there were several geese on the ice. I can report that they were none too happy to see him pop up; but he paid them no mind at all. I was surprised to see how big he was- not a small animal at all.

Otter -  Karen Pero Cooper

Otter – Karen Pero Cooper

Karen Pero Cooper

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