This River Otter (female, I think) sat on the ice in front of our place yesterday afternoon (December 2) and this morning. She ate almost constantly and moved around from hole to hole. The first picture isn’t very clear but I included it because of what she was eating. I’m guessing that it was a large crawfish. The rest of the time she was eating fish. Our young dog, that barks frequently just sat and watched her. Maybe she noticed the big teeth. Maris Lubbock, Pinehurst Ave., Selwyn

River Otter eating crawfish (left) and Bluegill (sunfish) – Maris Lubbock

December has started to turn around. On Saturday, December 2, I was out by Cedar Valley and spotted a Barred Owl. Today, December 6, I was on Armour Hill and came across this Red-tailed Hawk enjoying lunch. Carl Welbourn

I spotted this Eastern Screech-owl on December 19, sleeping in a tree in my front yard. He was so close I could almost touch him – which I wouldn’t – but so beautiful. I live on Centre line and 7th in Selwyn. Corinna Tyndall

Eastern Screech-owl (red colour phase) – Corinna Tyndall

My male Pileated Woodpecker is back! Here are some shots of this beauty. Sandra Poytress, Orange Corners

Drew Monkman

I am a retired teacher, naturalist and writer with a love for all aspects of the natural world, especially as they relate to seasonal change.