I have been entertained at the camp (Woodland Campsite near Buckhorn)  each night for the past couple of weeks by a flocking of smallish birds. I could not capture photos as they are too fast, and until today I did not know what they were. I finally found them: Marsh Wrens.

Every evening at about  8:30, they start returning to the reeds in the marsh. They fly back in groups of 2 to 20 birds. The sounds of their wings can be heard before you can see them. Their flight in for the night is so fast they make the air whistle around them, each one on it’s own spiral path. This continues for about half an hour. They start collecting into larger groups once in the reeds and before they settle down for the night they fly as one huge group turning and spiraling in unison over the marsh. What a sight! Then just as quickly settle into the reeds for the night.

Of interest as well, I had often wondered what bird it was that sang in the reeds throughout the night? Turns out it is this little Marsh Wren.

Barb Evett

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