This morning, Nov. 30, I had a Carolina Wren at my feeder on Conger Street. Later, my husband, John, and I went to the Lakefield Sewage Lagoons and saw three female Bufflehead ducks. On our way back to Peterborough, there was a a possible Ross’s Goose in with a large group of Canada Geese just south of Lakefield. At first we thought it was a Snow Goose but the size (in comparison to nearby Mallards) seemed too small.  Later, we had a male and female Hooded Merganser below Lock 24.

Marie Duchesneau, Conger St., Peterborough

N.B. This may be the same Carolina Wren that has been turning up at Luke Berg’s house on nearby Benson Ave. D.M.

Carolina Wren (Wikimedia)

Carolina Wren (Wikimedia)

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