Wendy Bowen of Buckhorn reports a bracket fungus growing on a fallen log beside her garage (August 20, 2017). I was finally able to identify it as a Cinnibar Polypore. Apparently, it is widespread in Ontario but not common. I’d never seen it before.  One website describes it as “Tough, fan-shaped bracket fungus; bright red-orange above and below. Grows on dead deciduous branches, twigs, and wood, mainly oak. Year-round. Cap semicircular, flat; bright cinnabar-red to orange-red; texture finely hairy. Pores angular, irregular; bright cinnabar-red to orange-red, same color as the cap. Stalk not present. Spore print white. Spores magnified are cylindrical, curved, smooth. This species is easy to spot, as both the top and underside are the same color — bright cinnabar-red to orange-red.”

Cinnibar Polypore – Wendy Bowen’s house – Buckhorn – Aug. 20,2017 – D. Monkman

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Drew Monkman

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