Five-lined Skink (Joe Crowley)

Five-lined Skink (Joe Crowley)

During my holidays this summer at Jack Lake near Apsley, we saw a Common Five-lined Skink on our dock from August 8 to 12 – except when we had a camera handy to take a photo!   Our cottage is in Brook’s Bay.  My son saw one a couple years ago on our sundeck but none until this recent sighting.

Sheelagh Hysenaj

Note: The skink is a species at risk in Ontario. The southern Shield population is classified as “of special concern”. When attacked by a potential predator, a skink’s tail can “autotomize”: spontaneously break off and thrash for several minutes, distracting the predator so the lizard can escape. The tail is able to grow back at a rate of about six millimetres a week.(D.M.)


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