Dec 042016

On November 20, we had 8 Pine Grosbeaks at our feeder. They only stayed for an hour or so, however, and we haven’t seen them since. During this past summer, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, along with their young, came to the feeder regularly. Two families nested in the woodlot behind our house.

Also, about 20 years ago, I witnessed an amazing interaction between a Gray Squirrel and a Hairy Woodpecker. The squirrel had scared the woodpecker off the ground feeder – a piece of plywood – on which I’d scattered sunflower seeds. Seconds later, however, the woodpecker returned, and actually landed on the squirrel’s back!  It then proceeded to hammer away on the poor animal’s head. I guess it got in a few good blows before the squirrel took off, because there was blood on the feeder!

Neil Boughen, Warsaw

Rose-breasted Grosbeaks - Drew Monkman

Rose-breasted Grosbeaks – Drew Monkman

Pine Grosbeak - Wikimedia

Pine Grosbeak – Wikimedia

Hairy Woodpecker - Karl Egressy

Hairy Woodpecker – Karl Egressy


Sep 212015

Pine Grosbeaks have been feeding on mountain-ash berries in my yard for the last few weeks, not eating the pulp but the seeds. Quite interesting to watch. This afternoon (Sept. 19) when we had the rain they were at the top of the tree fluttering their wings and having a good bath.  In the tree at the same time were robins, chickadees, goldfinches and a hummingbird.

Bill Snowden, Ennismore

Pine Grosbeak - Wikimedia

Pine Grosbeak – Wikimedia