Jul 242017

Today, July 22, at the Nonquon lagoons in Port Perry, there was an interesting mix of life and death struggles. Lots of sights of successful breeding as Mallards, Wood Ducks, Hooded Mergansers and Trumpeter Swans showed off their new families. Very few shorebirds but the habitat is still not good for them ? Water is too high.

However two Soras were in full song and a Virginia Rail showed off her two offspring. 5 Common Gallinules and an American Coot were new arrivals as they haven’t been here all summer. The show stopper was the feeding frenzy by the Cedar Waxwings. Fifteen+ birds were feeding at eye to ground level chasing and catching a huge new hatch of bluet damselflies. For the dragonfly/damselfly afficionados out there this is the time be here .. crazy numbers of these insects. Also a large hatch of Monarchs must have occurred as they were everywhere.

Sora (rail) – Wikimeda

Lots of herps – Midland Painted Turtles, Northern Leopard Frogs, Green Frogs and my second (dead) Red-bellied Snake at this site this year. Lots of other butterflies and myriad other insects to amuse. A groundhog and a muskrat represented the mammal clan. Adjacent fields had several Lesser Yellowlegs, Killdeer and Spotted Sandpipers – so they are here .. you just gotta look further afield.

Geoff Carpentier
Avocet Nature Services

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DIRECTIONS: The lagoons are located one road north of the transfer site on Concession Rd. 8 [don’t get confused as, despite the fact that these roads are both numbered “8”, they are two different roads – one is a regional paved road, the other a dirt concession road.]. Access to the lagoons is from the east end of Conc. 8 only as the bridge is out west of the lagoons. Please remember to close the gate behind if you go as it is not self-closing.

How to Obtain a Nonquon Sewage Lagoon Permit

Permits must be purchased in advance of entering the lagoons. Permits can be obtained from 605 Rossland Rd., Whitby, or at the Scugog Waste Transfer Station, 1623 Reach Street, Port Perry. An electronic version of the Nonquon Sewage Lagoon Birder Permit is available in PDF format at http://www.durham.ca/finance.asp?nr=/departments/finance/financeinside.htm. Nonquon Sewage Lagoon Birder Permits are available for $10 per permit. Cheques will only be accepted at Regional Headquarters. Payment by cash only at the Scugog Waste Transfer Station. Completed Applications should be forwarded to: Finance Department – Insurance & Risk Management, 605 Rossland Road E., Whitby, ON L1N 6A3


Aug 082016

Least Sandpiper (Calidris minutilla) (5)
– Reported Aug 07, 2016 07:21 by Iain Rayner
– Ptbo – Otonabee Gravel Pit, Peterborough, Ontario
– Media: 1 Photo
– Comments: “Think the Juveniles have started to show up.”

Semipalmated Sandpiper (Calidris pusilla) (1)
– Reported Aug 07, 2016 07:21 by Iain Rayner
– Ptbo – Otonabee Gravel Pit, Peterborough, Ontario
– Media: 2 Photos
– Comments: “Juvi(although crisp white edging to feathers doesn’t show up in pics), hanging out with 2 LESA. Blackish legs, thick beak, greyer overall(not a rich brown) with more obvious supercilium and just a small about of buff around breast.”

Iain also observed Killdeer, Solitary Sandpiper, Spotted Sandpiper and Lesser Yellowlegs at the same location/same day.

Least Sandpiper - Wikimedia

Least Sandpiper – Wikimedia

Semipalmated Sandpipers - Drew Monkman

Semipalmated Sandpipers – Drew Monkman