2008 Sightings Archive Table

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Date Sighting Location Observer
December 31, 2008 A Brown Thrasher is visiting the feeders at our cottage located at 1631 Kinsale Road which is on the west side of Gannon Bay (near Gannon Narrows), Buckhorn Lake. During the past few days we were there (Sunday 27 December to Wednesday 31 December, 2008), the thrasher appeared rather briefly, several times throughout the day, but its presence is not predictable. If you wish to try for this winter rarity, you are welcome to do so. The feeders are at the front of the cottage. The thrasher almost always appears from and retreats to the trees/brush on the left side (looking toward the bay) of the property. Also, about a dozen White-winged Crossbills were foraging on spruce trees at 1705 and 1713 Kinsale Road on the 30th and 31st December, and 50+ Pine Siskins were foraging on cedar cones at 1705. near Gannon Narrows on Buckhorn Lake Bryan Wyatt, Guelph
December 29, 2008 A Great Horned Owl was seen today at noon along the gravel path running from the St. Joseph at Fleming parking lot at Brealey and Forster Avenue towards the main Fleming campus. It was perched in a White Pine. Brealey Drive, Peterborough Irene Rudd
December 27, 2008 A male Yellow-headed Blackbird is coming to a feeder near Bridgenorth. It first showed up four days ago. According to the homeowner, Bob Pettifer, it often arrives in the company of grackles, starlings and two Red-winged Blackbirds. People are welcome to go out to see the bird, but Bob prefers you call ahead of time. Take County Road 18 north about 1 kilometre past Bridgenorth and turn right at Holden Road. The house is number 1295 and is on the left. Phone 292-9742. Holden Road, Bridgenorth Bob Pettifer
December 26, 2008

A Great Gray Owl was found dead north of Lakefield today. It was on County Road 6, 4 to 5 kms east of Hwy 28. Great Grays have started to turn up in eastern Ontario in recent weeks and may foreshadow a major flight southward from the boreal forest.

For people reporting Great Gray Owls (or other dead raptors) who want to keep the bird (e.g. to have it mounted), under the provisions of the provincial Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act you must first bring the specimen to the local district office of the MNR to receive a possession permit. By law, taxidermists can only accept raptor specimens (or those of any other ‘specially-protected species) that are accompanied by a valid possession permit. In the case of the Great Gray, the corresponding district office is Peterborough, and Lorraine Norris (lorraine.norris@ontario.ca or 705-755-3361) is the contact. Lorraine was instrumental in compiling information on mortality of GGOW during the last invasion and ensuring that unwanted specimens made their way to the ROM. She is compiling similar information for Snowy Owls during the current irruption. (Thanks to Don Sutherland for this information. D.M.)

north of Lakefield reported by Robin McRobbie (bird found by her brother)
December 26, 2008 We had an opportunity to watch a Cooper's Hawk devour a pigeon in our backyard this afternoon. Riverview Heights, Peterborough Ross Jamieson
December 25, 2008 Just reporting that 2 very fat and healthy looking American Robins spent all of Christmas Day at my home in Peterborough chowing down small berries on many of my trees. Peterborough Randy Smith
December 23, 2008 Environment Canada announced that 2008 has been the wettest year on record for Peterborough and area. A snowy winter, followed by a wet summer, produced 1,106 millimetres of precipitation as of December. The average for the year is 840 millimetres. Peterborough Environment Canada
December 22, 2008 We still have the Eastern Towhee at our feeders; it is very reliable visitor. Also, for several days so far, it has now been joined by a White-throated Sparrow. If you want to see them, feel free to stop by: 46 Anne St., Millbrook. However, a call first would be appreciated (932-3167). Millbrook, Ontario Joe Nocera and Trina Fitzgerald
December 21, 2008 While out with my camera, I came across a Pileated Woodpecker that was feeding on insects located in a telephone poll beside the road. The light wasn't great (in between snow storms), but I managed to capture a few images before it flew into the woods. Johnston Drive, Peterborough Glen Allen
December 21, 2008 We went for a walk in Petroglyphs Provincial Park. Lots of bird activity, including Red Crossbill (2). While it’s easy walking on the road, the snow depth off-road is between 30 and 45 centimeters. On the way home there was an adult Bald Eagle sitting in a tree on the east side of Hwy 28 just north of the Coon Lake Rd., north of Burleigh Falls. Petroglyph Provincial Park and Burleigh Falls area Don Sutherland
December 20, 2008

Highlights of Peteborough Christmas Bird Count - Dec. 14, 2008

1 Pied-billed Grebe, 17 Common Goldeneye, 5 Cooper's Hawks, 43 Red-tailed Hawk, 2 Merlin, 1 Rough-legged Hawk, 1 Glaucous Gull, 886 Mourning Dove, 1 Screech Owl, 3 Great Horned Owl, 1 Barred Owl, 1 Short-eared Owl (new species for Count), 2 Northern Flicker, 9 Golden-crowned Kinglet, 1 Hermit Thrush, 33 American Robin, 9 Northern Shrike, 189 Cedar Waxwing, 4 White-throated Sparrow, 338 Snow Bunting, 1 Brown-headed Cowbird, 379 White Crossbill, 217 Pine Siskin

51 species in total (average = 50.5)

Peterborough and area - a circle of 15 miles diameter centered at Chemong Rd and Sunset Blvd. Tony Bigg (compiler) 29 observers in all
December 20, 2008 On our way to Bobcaygeon at mid-day today, we stopped to check for the Northern Hawk Owl at Flynn’s Corner. It was conspicuous from a distance, sitting atop a leafless deciduous tree right beside the road on the east side of Hwy 507, directly opposite the gas station. Buckhorn area Don Sutherland
December 18, 2008 I couldn't find the swans at mid-day today, but I did see at least three adult Greater Black-backed Gulls and 1 adult Glaucous Gull with all the Herring Gulls on Little Lake, directly north of the cemetery on the edge of the ice. Little Lake, Peterborough Scott McKinlay
December 17, 2008 Two adult and one juvenile Trumpeter Swans were at Little Lake today along the east shore of the cemetary. Little Lake, Peterborough Travis Cameron
December 17 A single Red-bellied Woodpecker attended our feeder this afternoon. This is the first one we've seen in the Township of North Kawartha. Mt. Julian (Stoney Lake) Michael Butler
December 16, 2008 I was on a walk today at noon hour by the Otonabee, just below Lock 19, and I am sure that I saw a Bald Eagle. I had a long,clear look at it. The head was pure white, as well as the tail, and the body was dark brown. (note: This is probably the same bird as below. D.M.) Lock 19, Peterborough Andy Bowes
December 16, 2008 A Bald Eagle was seen at 11:45 a.m. today flying south above the Otonabee River. near Collison Beach at the bottom of Riverview Heights. Ross Jamieson
December 16, 2008 I observed a Northern Shrike, today, devouring a mole in our backyard. Firwood Crescent. Peterborough Brad Baker
December 15, 2008 Great Blue Heron Highway 36 near Burleigh Falls Bill Rogers
December 13, 2008 A Carolina Wren was in my yard today, seemingly taking dormant insects off the screen door and walls of the house. 1010 Mississauga Road, Curve Lake (tel: 657-1061) David Johnson
December 12, 2008 20 White-winged Crossbills 733 Ford Crescent, RR#1 Cavan Ken Rumble
December 11, 2008 I saw two flocks of Snow Buntings, totaling about 150 birds, in the fields of Caza's Berry Farm, a few km south of Buckhorn, along Berrie Road. Each flock took flight, wheeled and landed at least once and it was evident that there were no Horned Larks or Longspurs present. Today there were two Bald Eagles, an adult and sub-adult, along Mt Julian - Viamede Road, north of Burleigh Falls, perhaps attracted by an unseen roadkill. Six or fewer Evening Grosbeaks continue to visit our bird feeder. various (see Sighting) Michael Butler
December 10, 2008 At the Marshland Centre in Lakefield, we pished in a Common Redpoll that we heard. A very large flock (~200) of Pine Siskins was also there. At the very south end of the Old Young's Point Road, there was a flock of about 40 Cedar Waxwings with at least 4 Bohemian Waxwings mixed in. The flock was immediately south of the Elwood Hamilton Bus yards. Two Bald Eagles were perched further up the Old Young's Point Rd on the island just south of where Miller Creek empties into Lake Katchewanooka. various (see Sighting) Anne Anthony
December 9, 2008 Great Blue Heron near the side of the road at a small river off County Road 2 between Hasting and Keene Randy Smith
Upcoming Peterborough Christmas Bird Count, 2008 The 57th Peterborough Christmas Bird Count will be taking place on Sunday December 14, 2008. As usual we are looking for volunteers to participate in the event. The count is for a 24-hour period, but most participants only use the daylight hours. However owl counters are most welcome. The count takes place within a circle of 15 miles diameter centered at Chemong Rd and Sunset Blvd. The circle is split into nine sections and participants are put into groups to cover each area. Beginners will be with experienced birders to assist with identification of the sightings. The more eyes and ears, the more birds will be found The compilation of the results will be at ‘Kelsey’s’ (Landsdowne St opposite Canadian Tire) at 5:00 p.m. Let us hope the weather is better than the snowstorm we had last year!! Please contact Tony Bigg, CBC Co-ordinator, by e-mail at tanddbigg@sympatico.ca, or by phone at 705-652-7541 Peterborough and surrounding area Tony Bigg
December 6, 2008 The feeders were busy during today's snowfall. A male Evening Grosbeak, the first of the season here, joined American Goldfinches, Dark-eyed Juncos, Blue Jays and American Tree Sparrows. Good numbers of Common Mergansers can be seen from most vantage points along the north shore of Stony Lake. White-winged Crossbills are very active in the area although none at the feeders. Mt. Julian Michael Butler
December 5, 2008 1 male Hooded Merganser and 1 Common Merganser Little Lake Randy Smith
December 3, 2008 For those that like to keep a winter list of birds (Dec-Feb) they might like to know that the Eastern Towhee is still coming to Joe Nocera’s feeder in Millbrook (46 Anne St), and a Ruby-crowned Kinglet has been in Maureen Smith’s yard in Warsaw (652-7666) yesterday and today. For those that would like to travel a little further there is an American Avocet in the Rotary Park in Ajax . various (see Sighting) Tony Bigg
December 2, 2008 At around noon, a flock of about 30 White-winged Crossbills alighted on a spruce in my front yard in Lakefield. They only stayed for about half a minute before taking of to the west. Lakefield Tony Bigg
November 30, 2008 We saw a Sharp-shinned Hawk on Lansdowne St. near Erskine Ave and a Cooper’s Hawk near the intersection of Chemong Rd. and Wolsely St. Peterborough Don Sutherland
November 30, 2008 While walking the dogs in Petroglyphs Provincial Park, we observed several small flocks of White-winged Crossbills (totally ~50 birds), a few Pine Siskins, and 3 Red Crossbills near the park entrance kiosk. Reasonable numbers of Red-breasted Nuthatches and Golden-crowned Kinglets and a few Brown Creepers were also heard/observed. Petroglyphs Provincial Park Don Sutherland
November 30, 2008 Today, we had a sickly-looking male Brown-headed Cowbird at the feeder. Its feathers were a bit messed up and it seemed it couldn't fly very well. We also had a small flock (~10) of Bohemian Waxwings fly over the house heading south. Young's Pt. Road, Lakefield Myles Falconer
November 28, 2008 I have a Song Sparrow coming to my feeder along with three White-throated Sparrows. Merino Drive, Peterborough Sue Hill
November 28, 2008 I drove home in the direction of the snowy yesterday and also had no luck. I did find a couple of Kestrels sitting on wires, one in Assumption and the other just south of Bensfort Bridge. I also saw about 25 Bohmeian waxwings sitting in a hemlock tree at the coroner of Hwy.7 and Television Road as I sat waiting for the light to change. Assumption, Bensfort Bridge Ben Walters
November 28, 2008 Today, we found a Rough-legged Hawk on Base Line, and Northern Harrier and Northern Shrike at the east end of Moncrief Rd where it meets Airport Rd. Base Line and Moncrief Rd. Jerry Ball and Tony Bigg
November 26, 2008 Another dead Varied Thrush was found at a residence on Baptiste Lake near Bancroft on Nov. 25. One of my brother's co-workers at Bancroft MNR brought it in. Baptiste Lake, near Bancroft Travis Cameron
November 26, 2008 At about 4:45 p.m., a female or immature Snowy Owl was seen on Base Line, east of Bensfort Road. Base Line, east of Bensfort Road (south of city) Ed Czerwinski
November 26, 2008 A single Bald Eagle flying over Buckhorn Road (507) just N of Lakefield, a Northern Shrike just east of Peterborough at Donwood and several flocks of Snow Buntings from Keene to Peterborough. various Randy Smith
November 26, 2008 I feed wild turkeys all year long and I now have a female peacock with them. This little lady seems quite happy being with them. I am wondering if she will be able to adapt to the winter? I would hate to see anything happen to her. I have no idea where she came from. Anyway, if she can tolerate winter, then its a bonus for me to watch her.   Dorothy Waugh
November 24, 2008

Yesterday I found a bird that had flown into my window and was killed. I realized that it was a bird I had never seen before and pulled out my bird books. It was a Varied Thrush, although all three of the books I checked indicate that the range for this species is the west coast. I took several pictures of the bird and have placed in a baggy to freeze and preserve. We live on Lovesick Lake about a mile west of Burleigh Falls.

(The last Varied Thrush in Peterborough County that I'm aware of was seen here in early 2001. It came to a feeder near Petroglyph Provincial Park for a week or so. One or two of these birds turn up most winters somewhere in Ontario.

On November 26, the skin of the Lovesick bird was prepared by Michael T. Butler of Trent University. He will be sending it to the Royal Ontario Museum. The following are his notes: Windowkill Location: Peterborough County, Galway-Cavendish-Harvey Twp., 44.56195, -78.22391 Weight: 85 g Wing: 124 mm Fat: moderately heavy Gizzard contained fruit from Highbush Cranberry (Viburnum trilobum) Skull fully ossified (after hatching year). Sex: male - Drew)

Lovesick Lake Dorothy MacDonald
November 23, 2008 Close to 100 Northern Cardinals were seen feeding together on wild fruit along the rail-trail located just north of Crawford Drive in the south end of the city. It is common for this species to form flocks in the winter, but 100 is an unusually large number. Crawford Drive area Dan McWilliams
November 23, 2008 For the past several days, we have had an Eastern Towhee at our feeders in Millbrook Seems a little late for it to still be hanging around. This bird seemed to show up at the same time as the many American Tree Sparrows that are now keeping our feeders hopping. Anne Street, Millbrook, ON Joe Nocera
November 23, 2008 This morning we had a Northern Flicker (see Nov. 19) at our feeder on Gilmour St. It must be its sixth or seventh year of wintering here (assuming it is the same one, a male). We also have a White-throated Sparrow coming to the feeder along with the 10 or so juncos. Outside of town, yesterday I had an American Kestrel on Moncrief Line south of the Airport and a Northern Shrike on Moore Line just west of Hwy. 28. see Sighting Chris Risley
November 22, 2008 Just beyond the borders of Peterborough Co., on Saturday and Sunday, November 22nd and 23rd, there were lots of White-winged Crossbills, lesser numbers of Pine Siskins and redpolls, a few Purple Finches and goldfinches, and even three Pine Grosbeaks. Most of the crossbills were in flocks (<60 individuals), but some appeared to be paired and one individual gave a short bout of song. There also was a lone female Surf Scoter at the west end of rapidly freezing Balsam Lake. Balsam Lake area? Don Sutherland
November 22, 2008 A Pileated Woodpecker was observed hammering on a telephone pole at the corner of Charles and Burnham Streets. Another bird was seen at the corner of Homewood and Albertus. see Sighting Eric Monkman
November 21, 2008 A White-throated Sparrow was busy scraffing seeds from under the Yew on this bitter cold morning and it seems to me he should be on his way south. Maybe I will have heavy feeders another winter. (Sue had two White-throated Sparrows stay all of last winter.) Merino Drive, Peterborough Sue Hill
November 19, 2008 A Northern Flicker landed on a telephone pole on Alymer Street and was checking out a hole at the top. Peterborough Randy Smith
November 19, 2008 Great Blue Heron at Beavermead Park Lagoon, Northern Harrier at Hastings, 25 CedarWaxwings near Campbellford and a Greater Black-backed Gull at Little lake Pier One. various locations Randy Smith
November 15, 2008 I saw what I thought was a snowy owl land on top of a hydro pole this evening just outside my place of work on Fisher Drive. I work at Merit Precision Moulding. The patio where I saw him is on the north side of the building, first street on the right when you get on to Fisher Drive. Fisher Drive, Peterborough Janet Flint
November 12, 2008 I found 4 Blue-spotted Salamanders today near the Trent University Nature Area. The site is off of University Road, about 1 km south of County Road 4. I had also found 3 Eastern Newts on November 8 in a beaver pond in the Ganaraska Forest Centre south of Peterborough.

Trent University

Ganaraska Forest Centre

Luke Berg
November 11, 2008 This morning I saw a flock of 9 male Red Crossbills in the tops of some cone-laden White Pines on the Galway Forest Access Road. The trees are 0.6 km west on the Access Road from the start at Highway 507. I drove a bit more along the road but didn't see anymore. Then on the way out I stopped at the spot again. I pished and then a flock of 11 male and female White-winged Crossbills showed up in the same tree tops! I was not seeing things. They were definitely white-wings. I also had a flock of 80 Rusty Blackbirds at Miller Creek.

Highway 507 near Mississauga Lake

7th line of Smith-Ennismore

Chris Risley
November 9, 2008 A Cattle Egret was observed in a pasture alongside a herd of cows. (Exact location to be determined.) Peterborough Mike Taylor
November 1, 2008 For the first half of this winter (November through early January), Environment Canada is expecting milder than normal temperatures from the Great Lakes eastward. Precipitation is expect to be near normal in the eastern half of the country.    
October 28, 2008 At approx. 11 a.m, I saw a flock of Eastern Bluebirds on the west side of 6 Ft. Bay Road (Buckhorn) in an unused pasture. There were about a dozen males flitting amongst the grasses and thistles. I didn't notice any females, but they would have been much less noticeable in a brown field. Buckhorn Toni Sinclair
October 23, 2008 During a half hour bike ride at Petroglyphs P.P. this afternoon I saw no fewer than six Fox Sparrows. Also notable were several flocks of Red-breasted Nuthatches totaling more than 60 individuals. Two days ago (Oct. 21) I saw four Snow Buntings on Mt. Julian - Viamede Road. Cheers, Michael Butler Mt. Julian Mt. Julian (Stoney Lake) Michael Butler
October 17, 2008 I saw my first American Tree Sparrows of the Fall today. Three of them were along the rail trail south of the city. south of Peterborough Tony Bigg
October 17, 2008 I saw an American crow like the one pictured in the Sibley field guide as it has all white primary and greater coverts as well as a white tail band (not in Sibley). Overall, this bird is quite a bit smaller than the other crows, particularly the beak. Anyhow, not overly exciting or rare but I thought photographers and other keen birders might want to know about it because it looks pretty amazing, especially in flight. Trent University, near Lady Eaton drumlin Ben Walters
October 16, 2008 At about 6:00 PM last night while I was walking my dog in Burnham’s woods I saw a rather large owl perched in one of the trees. It was very close to me and I had a good chance to study it from the front and the back. As I walked around the tree it swivelled its head and watched me closely. It had a noticeable tail, very prominent circular discs surrounding yellow eyes and its body had vertical stripes. It had no ears that I could see. When I got home I went to my bird book and looked in the owl section to find that it was apparently a Great Grey. Burnham's Woods (east of Peterborough) Ross Jamieson
October 12, 2008 Large flocks of Dark-eyed Juncoes showed up in our yard today. There were probably at least 30 in total. Several White-throated Sparrows were with them. Maple Crescent Drew Monkman
October 5, 2008 Three Trumpeter Swans turned up today on Best Road Pond. One of them wore a wing tag (050). Mount Pleasant Dan McWilliams
September 29, 2008 Dan McWilliams, who lives near Mount Pleasant, reports the presence of thousands of Cepaea nemoralis or Banded Wood Snail around his house. This is an exotic species that is becoming increasingly widespread in southern Ontario. They were first seen here about 10 years ago. They are mostly nocturnal and eat many types of plant material, both dead and alive. They are also hermaphrodites, meaning a single snail is both male and female at the same time. They can mate many times in a season, especially when conditions are moist - like this past summer. They can be a fairly serious pest in gardens and also impact negatively on native snail and slug species. Mount Pleasant Dan McWilliams
September 27, 2008 There are a huge number of warblers (~40) in my yard and adjacent yards in Lakefield today. Most of these are Yellow-rumped Warblers but there are also a few Nashville Warblers and one immature Northern Parula (which is getting late for this species). The main point of this message is that due to the weather system it could be an excellent day for birding today! Lakefield Colin Jones
September 27, 2008 While walking the rail trail between Base Line and David Fife Line I saw large numbers of Palm Warblers, with some Yellow-rumped Warblers, an Orange-crowned Warbler, a Blue-headed Vireo, and several Eastern Phoebes. In the fields by Base Line, Eastern Meadowlarks were singing and actively flying over the field. Keene area Tony Bigg
September 21, 2008 On a day trip to Rathbun Lake today, large numbers of Red-breasted Nuthatches were present, feasting on the abundant seed crop on the White Pines. There is a major southward movement of these birds underway right now. We also saw two flocks of 100+ Northern Canada Geese flying southward. Other birds of note included a Northern Parula, an Ovenbird, numerous Black-throated Green Warblers, two Black-and-White Warblers and several Yellow-Rumpeds. Rathbun Lake near Apsley Drew Monkman
September 14, 2008 A Great Egret was sighted by my daughter at the end of Redmond Bay on Jack Lake. Jack Lake, near Apsley, ON Cate Kingdon
September 7, 2008 The cold front that came in this weekend has triggered a lot of migration. This morning, there were numerous migrants in our backyard including white-throated sparrows (eating Canada Elderberry fruit), Wilson's Warblers, American Redstarts, Chestnut-sided Warblers and Red-eyed Vireo. Maple Crescent, Peterborough Drew Monkman
September 1, 2008 A beautiful Giant Eastern Cranefly found its way into my house today. It is at least 5cm wide at the wings. Lakefield Tony Bigg
August 31, 2008 Today, I visited the abandoned gravel pit ponds at the south end of Crowley Line. When I arrived there was a Giant Swallowtail flying around the parking area by the gate. No birds to speak of but there were lots of dragonflies and damselflies, including three or four Black Saddlebags (Tramea lacerata), a Wandering Glider (Pantala flavescens) and either Tramea onusta or T. carolina. I couldn’t get close enough to it and didn’t have a net with me, but it had distinctly red bases for the wings and was one of the two species. Crowley Line south of Peterborough Don Sutherland
August 30, 2008 Despite more than two hours of concerted looking, I was only able to find four Monarch larvae on milkweed plants in the Fraserville area. All were very small. In 2007 and 2006, Monarch larvae were much more common and included both large and small ones. Atchison Road, Fifth and Sixth Lines southeast of Fraserville Drew Monkman
August 30, 2008 There was a single Red-necked Phalarope on the south pond at the Lakefield sewage today for about 3 minutes, at around 2:05 p.m. I saw it at a distance from the south berm (it was on the north side of the south pond), then tried to get a different angle on it, and it was gone, not to be found again. Lakefield Sewage Lagoon on County Road 33 Bill Crins
August 29, 2008 While hiking across granite barrens in the Kawartha Highlands Signature Site, we observed a very striking, large bee fly, Lepidophora lepidocera - photo here: http://flickr.com/photos/28113115@N00/2814530358/ We also saw numerous Five-lined Skinks, and singles of Northern Red-bellied Snake (DOR), Eastern Garter Snake, and Northern Ribbon Snake, photo: http://flickr.com/photos/28113115@N00/2813831435/ The few active birds included four Solitary Sandpipers on a drained beaver pond, and an overflying Sharp-shinned Hawk, Red-eyed Vireos feeding fledged young. Michael and Martha Woodview Kawartha Highlands Signature Site (to become Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park) Michael Butler and Martha Allan
August 25, 2008 These last few weeks I've been noticing the exceptionally heavy cone crop on White Pines. Many shrubs, too, have abnormally abundant fruit. These include Choke Cherry, Tartarian Honeysuckle, dogwoods and blueberries. As for ornamental trees, European Mountain-Ash is showing a very heavy crop of berries, too. throughout Central Ontario Drew Monkman
August 25, 2008 We had about 30 Eastern Kingbirds at our place in Cavan Monday. I have never seen them in mass before. Beautiful to watch. (This would have been a migratory flock. D.M.) Cavan Cheryl Covert
August 25, 2008 I watched about six Common Nighthawks migrating over County Road 8 near Cottesloe this evening. County Road 8, Peterborough County Drew Monkman
August 24, 2008 With the cooler temperatures overnight, a great deal of migration activitiy appeared to have taken place. On Monday morning, the trees around my brother's cottage north of Kaladar were full of warblers - 50 or more - of at least 10 different species. As is usual during fall migration, they were in the company of chickadees. Numbers of Red-breasted Nuthatches were quite high as well. Big Gull Lake, Kaladar, ON Drew Monkman
August 21, 2008 While boating on the Otonabee River just north of the Wallace Point bridge on Thursday 21 August 2008, at 19:30 hrs., I saw four large, long-legged pure white birds roosting in a tree-top. They were approached by a large osprey which sent them into a fuss and they started dive bombing the osprey and chasing it off. After they had successfully driven the osprey off, they went back into the tree top. I think they might be Common Egrets. Is is likely that that is what they were or am I mistaken? Are common egrets known to be in this part of Ontario? (Yes, these egrets - now called Great Egrets - are regular late summer visitors to Peterborough County, especially south of the city. D.M.) Otonabee River Colum Michael Diamond
August 18, 08 At 9 a.m.there was a single Great Egret in the construction ponds. Mervin Line at Airport Road Don Sutherland
August 18, 08 A possible Black-billed Magpie was seen at Trent University this morning. The bird was with a flock of crows in the north parking lot on the west bank of the Otonabee. (Note: Stu lived in Calgary where the species is common and is therefore familiar with it. However, the magpie is usually never seen east of the Ontario/Manitoba border. D.M.) Trent University campus Stu Harrison
August 16, 08 Jerry Ball found a Giant Swallowtail butterfly at the corner of Scriven Rd and the 4th Line of South Monaghan. On August 17th, Jerry and Tony Bigg found three Giant Swallowtails on Scriven Rd, two between the 4th and 3rd Lines, and one between the 3rd and 2nd Lines. South Monaghan Twsp

Jerry Ball and Tony Bigg

August 16, 08 There was a single Great Egret in with the cattle in the pasture on the north side of Beardmore Rd. and three in the construction ponds at the southwest corner of Mervin Line and Airport Rd. No bands were seen on any of these egrets.

Beardsmore Road

Mervin Line at Airport Road

Don Sutherland
August 14, 08 Recent observations include Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and Black-throated Blue warblers eating the berries on the Red-osier Dogwoods. Indigo Buntings on new growth along road. Several pairs nested this year and have done so for 4 or 5 years. Stoney Lake Rob Welsh
August 12, 08 Many, many Common Nighthawks here tonight in Kawartha Hideway. Buckhorn Lake Jane Philpott
August 12, 08 At about 10 p.m., a Northern True Katydid (Pterophylla camellifolia) could be heard in the vicinity of King and John Streets. Avenues area of downtown Peterborough Don Sutherland
August 12, 08 I observed an American Snout butterfly today. (This is only the second record for Peterborough County for this species. The first was on 28 July 1999 by Don Sutherland. It was seen on Sammy Island in Belmont Lake, northeast of Havelock. just south of Peterborough Jerry Ball
August 12, 08 This evening, I counted 30 Common Nighthawks circling above the road. I had four sightings of Caspian Terns in the vicinity of Lakefield this summer from the beginning of June to the end of July. On July 27 whilst on a cruise on Stony Lake I saw three terns including one carrying fish in its beak. I suspect that they are still breeding somewhere on the lake. from the end of Hwy 115, west along Hwy 7, and north on Hwy 28 Tony Bigg
July 4, 08 We had our first Monarch in the garden today. Maple Crescent, Peterborough Drew Monkman
July 1, 08 Margo Huges observed an Eight-spotted Forester (black with two white or yellow spots on the forewing and two white spots on the hind wing) in her garden. They are often mistaken for a butterfly because they fly during the day and visit nectar flowers. The host plants for the caterpillars are Virginia Creeper and grapevines. Peterborough Margo Hughes
June 26, 08 I saw my first Monarch Butterfly of the year today. Marina Boulevard, Peterborough Drew Monkman
June 24, 08 I am not sure if this would be new for Peterborough County but I found a Hooded Warbler nest right on the southern edge of the County this afternoon. It is in the Ganaraska Forest. As it is a Species at Risk and it has a nest with young I won't give the location information but I thought people would be interested to know about it anyways. Ganaraska Forest Ben Walters
June 21, 08 Did you notice that it "rained" little toads on Friday night? That was around the MNR building on Water street. You could not even walk accross the parking lots without stepping on the poor little guys. (Note: According to Don Sutherland of M.N.R., this was due to a mass emergence of American Toads from a breeding pond. The man-made water-cooling pond on the south side of the MNR building is used by a large number of American Toads for breeding. Strong choruses of calling males could be heard there in early May. Toad tadpoles can metamorphose into toadlets in as little as 40-50 days and usually disperse from breeding ponds en masse on warm, rainy nights.) Water Street at Charlotte in downtown Peterborough Ernie Basciano
June 16, 08 On Listowell Line in Ennismore today, I had an Upland Sandpiper ( always there ) and a Common Sipe sitting on the Hydro wires. Strange place for the snipe Ennismore Randy Smith
June 8, 08 During a midmorning walk through Quackenbush Provincial Park today, we saw/heard a good mix of resident birds including Red-shouldered Hawk, Wood Thrush, Scarlet Tanager, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Yellow-throated Vireo (2 singing) and Cerulean Warbler (4 singing). Most of the common warblers were present, as well. We also found a Least Flycatcher sitting on a nest. Quackenbush Provincial Park can be accessed by a trail leading south from Cty. Rd. 44, just east of the junction with Cty. Rd. 6, near the SE corner of Stony Lake. Michael Butler and Martha Allan
June 7, 08 This morning, both a Blackpoll Warbler and a Swainson’s Thrush could be heard singing in the Avenues area of the downtown. Avenues area of downtown Peterborough Don Sutherland
May 26, 08 A Common Nighthawk circled over my house in the west end of Peterborough at 6:30 p.m. today. It's the first I've seen/heard in Peterborough this spring. Maple Crescent, Peterborough Drew Monkman
May 16 , 08 A bike ride to and through a woodlot at Mt. Julian turned up a few interesting birds, among them: Red-headed Woodpecker (1), Eastern Wood Pewee (1), Yellow-throated Vireo (5+), Red-eyed Vireo (many), Black-and-white Warbler (2), Ovenbird (many), Northern Waterthrush (1), Common Yellow-throat (3), Yellow Warbler (2), Yellow-rumped Warbler (3), Pine Warbler (1), Cerulean Warbler (4 singing), Black-throated Blue Warbler (3), Blackburnian Warbler (1) Black-throated Green Warbler (10), Chestnut-sided Warbler (6), American Redstart (10+), Nashville Warbler (4), Tennessee Warbler (1), Golden-winged Warbler (?) (1 GWWA song heard on Reid's Road). The Ceruleans were in very good breeding habitat at a site we haven't visited before. Mount Julian on Stony Lake Michael Butler
May 14, 08 Today I saw and heard a male Blue-winged Warbler on Co. Rd. 44, about 1.2 km east of the Cty Rd. 6 junction (near the south-east corner of Stony Lake), very close to the large wooden Douro-Dummer Township sign. Tony Bigg and Anne Anthony found a Blue-winged Warbler on June 6 last year, only half a km west of here. Stony Lake Michael Butler
May 12, 08 Warblers in our yard yesterday included a male Chestnut-sided, drinking water from the birdbath, and male Nashville, preening itself in our blossom-laden Juneberry tree. Quite a beautiful sight! Today, a female Blackburnian was singing and came in quite close in response to pishing.. Maple Crescent, Peterborough Drew Monkman
May 11, 08 This morning, while alking along the trail bordering the west side of the canal, just south of Nassau Mills Road, oriole song was everywhere. Also calling were a Great Crested Flycatcher, Eastern Kingbirds, Warbling Vireos and Northern Waterthrushes. There are some nice stands of wildflowers in the woods along this trail including Blue Cohosh. Trent University Drew Monkman
May 10, 08 Working in the garden today, migrant birdsong was dominated by White-crowned Sparrows. Ruby-crowned Kinglets were also singing. A Grey Catbird was in the yard, too, as well as a Baltimore Oriole. Our two Pin Cherry's are at their peak blossom as is our Juneberry. Dandelion is also at or close to peak bloom. Maple Crescent Drew Monkman
May 9, 08

New migrants were evident in small numbers on each of the last two mornings. All sightings were around our home at Mt. Julian.

May 8: Least Flycatcher (2), Blue-headed Vireo (1), Ovenbird (3), Nashville Warbler (3), Chestnut-sided Warbler (1), Palm Warbler (1), Yellow Warbler (1), Black-throated Green Warbler (4),Yellow-rumped Warbler (5)

May 9: Baltimore Oriole (1), Yellow-throated Vireo (1) , Blue-headed Vireo (1), Nashville Warbler (2), Black-and-white Warbler (2), American Redstart (1), Common Yellowthroat (1), Northern Waterthrush (1), Ovenbird (12+), Black-throated Blue Warbler (4), Black-throated Green Warbler (6), Blackburnian Warbler (4), Chestnut-sided Warbler (2), Yellow-rumped Warbler (7).

Five Evening Grosbeaks continue to visit our feeders, along with 3-4 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, two Wood Ducks and 8+ White-crowned Sparrows.

Mt. Julian, near Woodview Michael Butler and Martha Allen
May 9, 08 Today the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds returned. There are also many Baltimore Orioles being sighted in Youngstown subdivision in Ennismore. Our feeders are very busy at this moment. Ennismore Marilyn Emery
May 9, 08 We have had a Harris' Sparrow at our feeder for the past three days. My field guides indicate that this sparrow winters in the central U.S. then migrates north to Manitoba/Saskatchewant. So, it would appear to be far east of its normal range. (Note: This is an extremely rare bird for our area and one of only a handfull of sightings over the years. D.M.) Kawartha Hideaway, Buckhorn Lake Jane Philpott
May 9, 08 An osprey.was found today - dead with a broken wing. Apparently, just before I got there, another osprey swooped down and flipped the carcass over. Aggresion? Affection? There were no overhead wires present. I also saw 4 eagles this week. They were quite high, circling and drifting north. Stony Lake - Fire Road 10D Rob Welsh
May 7, 08 As cool, damp weather continues, Amelanchier is at flowering peak throughout the city right now. I saw my first Chimney Swift flying over the Otonabee with numerous swallows early this evening. Peterborough Drew Monkman
May 5, 08 My first Ruby-throated Hummingbird arrived back today. Cavan Cheryl Covert
May 4, 08 The PFN Sunday outing traveled this morning to the south-east of the county. On Blezard Line we were able to watch a Solitary Sandpiper from up close in a large flooded field to the west of the road. Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs were feeding together making the ID easy for the newer birders. At the base of Birdsall Rd we had a good look at a male White-winged Scoter. The woods just east of the Ouse River on River Rd were rich with spring flowers - many Red Trilliums, White Trilliums, Dutchman’s Breeches, Large-flowered Bellwort Sharp-leaved Hepatica, and Spring Beauty to name some. Earlier at the Lakefield Marsh I saw a Warbling Vireo and an Eastern Kingbird. The River Otter was again alongside the cattails in the marsh. Rice Lake and Lakefield areas Tony Bigg
May 3, 08 Today, a culvert near the hamlet of Douro still contained large numbers of Canadian Worms (Aporrectodea tuberculata) swimming under the water. The worms average about 4" to 6" long. On April 21st, the mass was about 6' by 4' by 6" and probably included many thousands of individual worms. In one scoop of the hand, you could bring out a 100 or more. Whether this was some sort of mating swarm is not clear. The worms swim under debris, appear to go in and out of tunnels or burrows and even appear to be eating at times. This particular body of water dries up in the summer. 5th Line and Centre Road of Douro in 2cd culvert north of the Centre Line Randy Johnson
May 3, 08 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks were singing on Maple Cresecent this morning and on Gilmour Street. Peterborough Drew Monkman, Erica Nol
May 3, 08 Today, I flushed two separate Song Sparrows from their nests next to trails. One had 4 eggs, the other 5. Cavan Creek Scott McKinlay
May 2, 08 A Baltimore Oriole appeared in our yard today. Bethel Road, Emily Township Doug Lawson
May 2, 08 Pin Cherry and Juneberry (Amelanchier) are now in bloom in my yard. With the continued cool, wet weather, there were large numbers of swallows -mostly Tree Swallows - feeding over the Otonabee today between the zoo and Lakefield. In most sections of the river where I stopped (as far north as Lock 23), maybe two dozen swallows could be seen at a time. 50 or so birds were also feeding over the pond just north of the intersection of Water Street and University Heights Boulevard. Peterborough Drew Monkman
May 1, 08 The cool weather this week, with night-time temperatures a few degrees below zero, has temporarily slowed the progression of leaf-out. As we begin May, the maples are still mostly clad in flowers with leaves just beginning to emerge. The overall appearance is one of a green pastel gauze. There are still lots of White-throated Sparrows singing along our street. Peterborough Drew Monkman
April 29, 08 During the snow storm this afternoon, I was at the end of North School Rd in Youngs Point at the marsh, and there were lots of White Trilliums already in bloom. I don't think I have ever seen that in April before. I also got to view an American Woodcock today on her nest in a field off of River Road in Bobcaygeon.. Young's Point and Bobcaygeon Ernie Basciano
April 29, 08 We are now seeing a Brown Thrasher and several White-throated and White-crowned sparrows at our feeder. A Wild Turkey crossed our lawn. Lily Lake Road Gord Mallory
April 27, 08 Today, while walking the dogs in Petroglyphs Provincial Park, we heard an Ovenbird singing along the park road just north of the entrance kiosk. Petroglyphs Provincial Park Don Sutherland
April 26, 08 Today, while conducting chorus frog surveys in the Ennismore-Buckhorn-Nogies Creek area, I encountered Northern Waterthrushes at more than a dozen sites, a single singing Palm Warbler and a House Wren. Lots of herps: Midland Chorus Frogs (calling at 37 locations, some of which had been ice- and snow-bound last weekend), lots of Spring Peepers and Northern Leopard Frogs, Wood Frogs still calling at one site and Gray Treefrogs (calling), Later in the afternoon, along the rail trail north of Trent University, Lori and I saw and heard both a Yellow Warbler and a Black-and-White Warbler. various locations Don Sutherland
April 26, 08 Today, while working in the yard, I heard and saw a Least Flycatcher (early be at least two weeks) and a Red Admiral butterfly. Ruby-crowned Kinglets and White-throated Sparrows were singing all day, as well. Unlike Golden-crowned Kinglets, Ruby-crowneds respond well to pishing. One came within a metre of me. In the evening, while listening from our house, I heard a number of toads calling. Maple Crescent, Peterborough Drew Monkman
April 26, 08 At our feeders at Mt Julian (Twp. North Kawartha) we observed an influx of White-throated Sparrows, accompanied by our first White-crowned Sparrow. A single, lingering Evening Grosbeak was joined by four Pine Siskins and three Purple Finches. In the nearby woods we saw/heard Black-throated Green (2), Blackburnian Warbler (1) & Hermit Thrush (1). We also had two Caspian Turns on Stony Lake today - an early date. Mount Julian, near Woodview Michael Butler
April 26, 08 We saw our first Rose-breasted Grosbeak of the year. Bethel Road, Emily Township Doug Lawson
April 25, 08 This morning, while cycling around the Forest Hill-Pinehill Dr. neighbourhood between Parkhill and Weller, in Peterborough, I encountered three Bohemian Waxwings (late date?) in a flock of 23 Cedar Waxwings on Fenwood Circle. (N.B. This is a very late date for Bohemians to still be in our area. They usually have left by mid-April at the latest. Peterborough Don Sutherland
April 25, 08 A pair of late Pine Grosbeaks has been visiting Paul Burke's feeder in Peterborough. One of the birds appears to be injured. It was still present on April 25. The other bird was not seen after April 15. These are about the latest records for Pine Grosbeak for the County in recent times according to Peter Burke. Peterborough Paul Burke
April 25, 08

The first tulips in our front garden (eastward facing) bloomed today. Some lawns in the city now have Dandelions in bloom.

Peterborough Drew Monkman
April 24, 08 Two Caspian Terns were sitting on a rock in the Otonabee River on Water Street just north of Hilliard in the small park where you can pull off. Peterborough Drew Monkman
April 24, 08 Jerry Ball and I traveled up to Sandy Lake Rd and area today and found five species of butterfly. Surprisingly the most numerous were Henry’s Elfin at 30 individuals. Jerry has never before seen more than two individuals in one year. We appear to have hit this butterfly at its peak this year. The other species were Mourning Cloak (30), Spring Azure (12), Brown Elfin (8), and Gray Comma (2). Sandy Lake area, north of Havelock Tony Bigg and Jerry Ball
April 24, 08 As weather in the low 20s continues, flowers are completely out on all Norway Maples and some Sugar Maples. Peterborough Drew Monkman
April 23, 08 Today is the fifth straight day with temperatures in the twenties. The catkins are already piling up on the road under Carolina Poplars and fallen flowers litter the ground under Silver Maples. Leaves are almost out on lilacs, red elder and other early leafing species. Bloodroot is in flower in my garden as well as Pulmonaria. Peterborough Drew Monkman
April 21, 08 My first Yellow Warbler of the year was singing across from my place (1798 Young's Pt.Road, Lakefield) this afternoon. (Note: This may be a record early date, the earliest previous date being April 24th according to Sadler's "Our Heritage of Birds" - D.M.) Lakefield Myles Falconer
April 21, 08 The flooded field at the corner of Smith-Ennismore Fifth Line and Centre Line resonated with calling leopard frogs, chorus frogs and several American Toads. Peterborough Drew Monkman
April 20, 08

This morning, during an Earth Day nature hike at Lakefield Marsh that Jerry Ball and I led, we watched a pair of very noisy and pugnacious Merlins. Their nest is easily visible in a tree opposite house #51 near the Marshland centre. Tony Bigg had found the birds and nest earlier this morning. Other birds of special interest on the walk included a Spotted Sandpiper, an American Bittern, a Caspian Tern, a displaying male Northern Harrier, and a flock of six blue morph Snow Geese flying north. The eagles could also be seen sitting on their nest. At least one Green Darner dragonfly was observed flying along the edge of the marsh. This dragonfly was likely a migrant returning from the southern United States. The Green Darner is our only migratory dragonfly, although only part of the population migrates. The rest overwinter in the nymph stage. Forsythia appears to be in full bloom now in Peterborough. Today's temperature was about 24C.

Hague's Point in Lakefield Drew Monkman
April 20, 08 Under the full moon and in the unseasonably warm temps, Jon and I heard 5 Anuran species calling simultaneously in our neighborhood: 1 American Toad, 2 Leopard Frogs, and full choruses of Wood Frog, Chorus Frog and Spring Peeper. (N.B. This is an extremely early date for toads. They usually don't call until the first or second week of May.) Lakefield Carrie Sadowski
April 19, 08 I saw my first Broad-winged Hawk of the year, south of Havelock, and heard several Virginia Rails (also my first) north of Havelock. I also saw a flock of five Bohemian Waxwings in the business district of downtown Havelock. White-throated Sparrows singing in suitable habitat (though much of it still with extensive patches of snow) were heard at several locations, as well as a number of Purple Finches. Havelock area Don Sutherland
April 19, 08 Jerry Ball and I watched the Lake Katchewanooka Bald Eagles feeding their two eaglets today. The eaglets appeared to still be all white and quite small, maybe Rock Pigeon size. We also recorded 8 Greater Yellowlegs in a vernal pond just north of Young's Point and at least 20 Mourning Cloak butterflies in various locations around Lakefield. Apart from two Northern Rough-winged Swallows, a Barn Swallow, and two Tree Swallows on the River, we saw only two other swallows all day. The absence of swallows so far this spring is quite worrisome. Chorus Frogs, however, seemed as common as ever and were heard calling from numerous locations. As for plants, Coltsfoot was in bloom along roadsides in various locations. Elms, Red Maples, Silver Maples, Trembling Aspens, Speckled Alder and White Birch are in full flower right now. Clear Lake appeared 95% free of ice today. Only a few ducks and loons were still lingering here. The temperature today hit 28C! various locations near Lakefield Drew Monkman
April 19, 08 Both Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs were in a wet field at the corner of the Centre Line of Smith and the 5th (NE corner) this afternoon. Several Wilson's Snipe fly about also. Centre Line of Smith Anne Anthony
April 18, 08 The Hepatica in my garden was in bloom today.    
April 18 , 08 This morning the ice on Stoney is very black and honeycombed in the main part of the lake. It is open from Burleigh Falls to Juniper and the Church and around the islands in Boschink Narrows. We've paddled since Wednesday. Many Common Mergansers and Ring Necks with small flocks of Hooded Mergansers, Buffleheads, Goldeneye, Mallards and geese. Also a couple of Blacks,Wood Ducks, Osprey and Loons. I expect breakup this weekend. (Note: in 2007 the ice went out of Lower Stoney on April 20 and Upper Stoney on April 21) Stoney Lake Rob Welsh
April 17, 08 While conducting surveys for Chorus Frog, I encountered individual, singing Pine Warblers at about a half dozen locations between Burleigh Falls, Buckhorn, Bobcaygeon and Bridgenorth. A Northern Rough-winged Swallow was with Tree and Barn Swallows over open water at Buckhorn, and Brown Thrasher and Eastern Towhee were encountered near Ennismore and Lakehurst and Buckhorn and Burleigh Falls. Also heard was a Blue-headed Vireo just north of Gannon Narrows, Field Sparrow (3 sites), Vesper Sparrow (2 sites), Savannah Sparrow and Swamp Sparrow. Lots of Chorus Frogs (40+ sites), but mainly south of the Shield edge. Snow (20-40cm depth) is still widespread in the woods and ice in the thicket swamps north of a line through Burleigh Falls, Buckhorn and Bobcaygeon. Similarly, good choruses of Northern Leopard Frog, Wood Frog and Spring Peeper at sites south of the Shield. . Various locations Don Sutherland
April 17, 08 Jon and I encountered a Northern Redbelly Snake this afternoon crossing the gravel rail trail just a little north of Trent University yesterday. This area (about 500 m to 1 km N of the start of the trail at Trent) also presently has choruses of Chorus Frog, Wood Frog and Spring Peepers. Trent University Carrie Sadowski
April 16, 08 This morning, two Ruby-crowned Kinglets could be heard singing in the Avenues area of downtown Peterborough. downtown Peterborough Don Sutherland
April 14, 08 I just came back from a walk down the hill here at Trent, and there is a good chorus of Chorus Frogs presently calling from the wetland between MacKenzie House and Gzowski College. Trent University Carrie Sadowski
April 14, 08 I was watching two Fox Sparrows, two American Tree Sparrows, and a White-throated Sparrow under and on the feeders, when suddenly a flash of colour under the pea tree caught my eye and it was an Eastern Towhee. It was the first time ever I have seen one here and such an interesting day to have them all together. Merino Road, Peterborough Sue Hill
April 13, 08 This morning at about 9:35, a large Snow Goose of the blue morph flew into the flooded field at Mather's Corners with a group of about 20 Canada Geese. It was still there 10 minutes later when I left that location. Keene area Bill Crins
April 13, 08 During an hour-long walk at Petroglyphs PP this morning, we heard Golden-crowned Kinglet (3), Brown Creeper (2), Red-breasted Nuthatch (4), Winter Wren (3), Hermit Thrush (2) and Eastern Phoebe (1), all singing. Except for a few open patches on south-facing slopes, lots of snow (20-60 cm – mid-thigh!) remains in many areas of the park. Petroglyphs Provincial Park Don Sutherland
April 13 , 08 A Midland Painted Turtle was sunning itself on a log, at Miller’s Creek Conservation Area. 7th Line of Smith-Ennismore Township Tony Bigg
April 13, 08 I heard Chorus Frogs calling this afternoon in a shrub swamp about 1 km north of the Trent University science complex, just east of the rail trail leading to Lakefield. Trent University Mike McMurtry
April 12, 08 A couple Spring Peepers were calling tonight in the wet field behind our house. The weather was cold and wet. Lakefield Carrie Sadowski
April 12, 08 Today at 21:10 there was a single Spotted Salamander [yellow spotted salamander] crossing the road near my house heading north towards the breeding pond (Sumcot Dr., off Allen's Rd. west of Buckhorn). Weather at the time was light rain and 3 C. There is still a considerable snow cover in the woods; about 2/3 covered in patchy snow which is at least 15 cm deep. Buckhorn Martyn Obbard
April 11, 08 A White-throated Sparrow visited our yard today and was in full song for much of the morning. Several whitethroats overwintered on nearby Merino Boulevard this winter and one was briefly at our feeder in late March. Maple Crescent, Peterborough Drew Monkman
April 10, 08 As 'sparrow week' continues, four American Tree Sparrows were in our yard this morning, for the first time since the fall. This species is slowly making its way north to its breeding grounds on the tundra and should pass through the Kawarthas in large numbers these next few weeks. Junco numbers have increased this week, as well, as they, too, head northward. They can be heard singing throughout the neighbourhood. Also, a beautifully marked Fox Sparrow showed up briefly today. This species is well-known for its "double-scratching," kicking backward in ground litter with both feet to uncover food. This is what drew my attention to its presence. A Chipping Sparrow, Song Sparrow and four late Common Redpolls kept it company. Maple Crescent, Peterborough Drew Monkman
April 10 , 08 Tony Bigg also had a Fox Sparrow visiting his feeder today as well as a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in the trees in his garden. Lakefield Tony Bigg
April 9, 08 Today at my feeder a bright and brillant male Fox sparrow - 1st of the season! Peterborough Randy Smith
April 9, 08 Just heard my first Savannah Sparrow of the year singing in the back alfalfa field. In previous years, they usually show at my place between April 11th to 15th. So maybe birds will start showing up on time now (instead of weeks late). Of note, yesterday I had more small flocks of redpolls flying over and a late Northern Shrike terrorizing the feeders. Young's Point Road Myles Falconer
April 8, 08 A Wilson's Snipe was displaying overhead early this morning just west of Omemee, on the north side of Hwy. 7. Omemee Everett Hanna
April 8, 08 Four Common Redpolls were at our niger feeder most of today. Peterborough Drew Monkman
April 8, 08

Along 6 Foot Bay Road - 1 male and 1 female Bluebird (far apart, so not necessarily a pair), a half dozen Swamp Sparrows and 2 Eastern Phoebes.

Buckhorn area Antonia Sinclair
April 7 , 08 First Chipping Sparrow of the spring this morning on my feeder table beside the yews. Peterborough Susan Hill
April 7, 08 I had one Common Loon and two Horned Grebes on Little Lake this morning. I also had my first Groundhog of the season on the 5th line of Douro near Strickland. Little Lake, 5th Line of Douro Anne Anthony
April 7, 08 The Bald Eagle was working on his nest on Katchewanooka Lake today. The nest can be seen from the road at 1701 Old Young’s Point Rd, but it was difficult to see the bird from there. Looking back from where the stream crosses the road just north of there, the bird could be seen. Old Young's Point Road Tony Bigg
April 7, 08 The two Greater White-fronted Geese were still at the south end of the flooded field at Mathers' Corners this morning and in addition to the hundreds of Mallards and Canadas we saw 40 Pintails, 8 American Wigeons, 4 Blue-winged Teal and abt 20 Blacks. An Osprey was on the nesting platform just west of Keene on Hwy 2. Keene area Peter
April 6, 08 I drove up to the cornfield/pond south of the County Rd. 2 and Drummond Line (Mather's Corners) and aside from thousands of Canada Geese and hundreds of Mallards, I did see one pair of Northern Pintails. Mather's Corners, Cty Rd. 2 Rick Stankiewicz
April 6 , 08 I visited Mathers' Corners pond this afternoon and saw a pair of Greater White-fronted Geese, a western species. There were at least two dozen pintails and a dozen or so blacks. Mather's Corners, Cty Rd. 2 Drew Monkman
April 6, 08 Yesterday I heard my first local Eastern Phoebe of the year, along the 7th Line Smith. As well, this morning a pair of Tree Swallows were already checking out their nest box (they nest in our yard every year), which surprised me considering they just arrived to the area. This evening an American Woodcock was peenting & twittering in the field behind our house. Now I'm just waiting for the frogs to begin calling!    
April 6, 08 At noon today there were at least 4 Great Blue Herons standing on nests at the Sandy Lake colony. I heard a Winter Wren singing this morning (April 7) while I was walking the dog-off Allen's Road, west of Buckhorn. Buckhorn Martyn Obbard
April 6, 08 Yesterday I heard my first local Eastern Phoebe of the year, along the 7th Line Smith. As well, this morning a pair of Tree Swallows were already checking out their nest box (they nest in our yard every year), which surprised me considering they just arrived to the area. This evening an American Woodcock was peenting & twittering in the field behind our house. Now I'm just waiting for the frogs to begin calling! Lakefield Carrie Sadowski
April 6, 08 Amazing, right now at 1:15 p.m. there is a Mourning Cloak Butterfly on my platform feeder. It is black with a golden/beige outline on the outer wings. Peterborough Sue Hill
April 5, 08 At Little Lake, at least 600 ducks were present with very large numbers (150 plus) of Hooded Merganser and Ring-necked Ducks. Bufflehead numbers seemed to have increased over last week. There were also small "flocks" of Pied-billed Grebes numbering about six individuals per group. I would guess there had to be several dozen grebes in all. I did not see any swallows at Little Lake. Otonabee River, Little Lake Drew Monkman
April 5, 08 This afternoon there were 3 Yellow-rumped Warblers seen near the Indian River in Warsaw. Also there was an Osprey on its nest on Nicholson Road near Hiawatha First Nation. Warsaw & Hiawatha Anne Anthony, Maureen Smith
April 4, 08 Letting the dog out has been profitable for me the last two mornings! Yesterday an Eastern Towhee greeted me with a ‘Cup-of-tea-ea-ea’, and this morning I first heard and then saw a Sandhill Crane fly over my house in Lakefield. The latter was flying towards Buckley’s Lake – its usual breeding area. Lakefield Tony Bigg
April 4, 08 I have been observing 40-60 Tree Swallows over the Otonabee River at Trent University all week long. Trent University on the Otonabee River Everett Hanna
April 3, 08 Despite near-freezing temperatures and a backyard still full of snow, about six midges were doing their up and down "yo-yo" mating flight in our backyard late this afternoon. Maple Crescent, Peterborough Drew Monkman
April 3, 08 Deer carcass about 150 yards East and North of April 2 sighting, close to shore, with mature Bald Eagle. Stoney Lake Fred Sneath
April 2, 08 An Osprey was flying over the nesting platform by the dam slipway in downtown Lakefield at 2:00 p.m. today. Note that no Ospreys have yet been reported by the Hawk Watch at the Beamer CA in Grimsby (which monitors hawk migration on a daily basis.) Lakefield Tony Bigg
April 2, 08 On Nicholson Rd and Lakeview we had a pair of Eastern Bluebirds, a male Northern Harrier, 4 Killdeer and 100's of robins. SE of County Rd 2 Jerry Ball and Anne Anthony
April 2, 08 We saw a flock of crows on a deer carcass about 250 yards off North shore of Stoney, midway between Viamede and Anchorage. The birds moved off a short distance with the arrival of a wolf. Checking a few minutes later,the wolf was gone and the crows were back. Stoney Lake Fred Sneath
April 2, 08 From the end of South Beach Road at Youngs Point (Clear Lake - 44.4863°, -78.2265°), we viewed the following this afternoon: 10 Canada Goose, 5 Mallards, 2 Black Ducks, 120 Ring-necked Ducks, 1 Canvasback, 5 Bufflehead, 75 Common Goldeneyes, 60 Common Merganser, 25 Hooded Merganser, 1 Belted Kingfisher: The Canvasback could be seen only by scanning the water north of Clearview Resort. Young's Point Michael Butler and Martha Allen
April 1st, 08 " Last weekend, a flock of Bohemian Waxwings landed in a flowering crab tree we have in our yard and enjoyed the leftover apples. It was quite a sight. There had to have been about 20." Peterborough Glenis Burnie
April 1st, 08 "I watched an Eastern Phoebe this morning, sitting in a bush flicking its tail, on Maniece Ave by the Liftlock Golf Club." Maniece Ave. Tony Bigg
April 1st, 08 I had a Cackling Goose at Mather's Corners today amongst the 100+ Canada's, 4 Black Ducks and 7 Mallards. Mather's Corners on County Road 2, west of Keene Anne Anthony
April 1st, 08 Yesterday morning, while walking my dog between Beavermead and Rogers Cove, I counted 12 Great Blue Herons along the shoreline. I've only ever spotted a single heron or pairs before, never such a large group in one place Most interesting was that they appeared to be 'attacking' smaller water birds. Little Lake Bill Skilton
April 1st I observed several robins, today, eating Staghorn Sumac berries. This is considered a sort of last resort survival food, given their rather scant nutritive value. However, with snow still covering 80% of the ground, there is little other food. Today saw the first double digit mild conditions in over a month with a maximum of 12 C. Royal Drive, Peterborough Drew Monkman
March 31, 08 "I photographed an early caterpillar taking a walk on the snow in the Trent Wildlife Sanctuary yesterday. I’m not sure of the identification but think it may be a form of Yellow Bear (Virginian Tiger Moth). Today I saw my first Common Loon and Belted Kingfisher for the year on the Otonabee River above Lock 25." Trent Wildlife Sanctuary, Otonabee River, Tony Bigg
March 29, 08 At least eight Turkey Vultures are presently roosting in a row of Norway Spruce on Edgewood Road in the west end of Peterborough. The birds have been there for several days and roost here for a week or so every year during spring migration. Edgewood Road Vickie Martin
March 29, 08 "I saw five Bald Eagles this morning. All five were close together..but two in particular were "dancing"-partial rolls,dips,climbing short stoops. No talon holds. It seems a little late for them to still be here, but there are still wolves killing deer. There have been two kills in the Boschink area of Stony Lake recently." Stony Lake Rob Welsh
March 29, 08 "A male cardinal is coming regularly, sitting on our BBQ and then flying into our patio door. It does this for a good half hour back and forth. Even though it is a little annoying to listen to, we don't want to scare it away." (The bird is seeing its reflection and trying to drive the "intruder" away. DM)   Bonnie Patterson
March 29, 08 Duck numbers at Little Lake were particularly high this afternoon. After a quick count, I would guess there were at least 150 each of Hooded Mergansers and Ring-necked Ducks, 100 Common Mergansers, maybe 50 Common Goldeneye, and about 30 Bufflehead. I didn't have time to check all of the ducks carefully, so other species were probably present as well. Little Lake Drew Monkman
March 28, 08 I found a freshly killed (still warm) Eastern Screech Owl on Division Rd. about 500m east of Hwy 28 at 7:10 this morning. There was still no sign of the Great Gray Owl near Old Norwood Rd and Burnham Line. A River Otter was on the ice by Lock 23 and the large bird on the dead carp by Lock 25 was again the immature Bald Eagle. Another immature Bald Eagle was sitting in a white pine on the island behind the beer store in Lakefield. various locations Tony Bigg
March 27, 08 This morning, I saw a Killdeer on one of the new subdivision roads NW of Wildlark Dr. in the west end of Peterborough. It flew off towards Loggerhead Marsh which is now frozen but must have a few patches of open water. Where else does it find food? There certainly wasn't anything to eat on the paved road. Wildlark Drive, Peterborough Chris Risley
March 27, 08 Kestrel and Northern Harrier Moncrief Line (Airport Road) near Highway 28 south of Peterborough Ken Rumble
March 27, 08 Two American Woodcocks were calling and flying around the junction of Burnham line on Old Norwood Rd. at dusk. Burnham Line east of Peterborough Tony Bigg
March 27, 08 "We have heard and seen a Merlin in Inverlea Park this spring. They are once again nesting in pine trees. Their call is disturbing us. This is the third year they have come to raise families." Inverlea Park, Peterborough Russell Macgillivray
March 27, 08 There were a couple of Eastern Meadowlarks standing in the snow today on Bartlett Rd. which is off Highway 28. They were near 28. There was also 2 Kestrels in the vicinity. Bartlett Road Ben Walters
March 25, 08 About 15 cm of heavy snow fell this afternoon and this evening. No major March thaw has occurred as of yet. Skiing conditions are still superb at Kawartha Nordic X-C ski trails at Haultain. Peterborough Drew Monkman
March 25, 08 At Lakefield Marsh, this morning, I saw a Great Blue Heron fly over. Red-winged Blackbirds were spread out all around the marsh giving their territorial calls. A few Common Grackles were also around, and one Northern Shrike sat near the viewing tower. In the river by the campsite there were 8 Common Mergansers, 8 Hooded Mergansers, 6 Buffleheads, 5, Ring-necked Ducks, 4 Common Goldeneyes, several small flocks of Canada Geese, and several pairs of Mallards. Yesterday I had two Common Redpolls at my feeder with a large flock of American Goldfinch. The Redpolls seem mostly to have left our area. Today my feeders have a mixed flock of Redwings, Grackles and Brown-headed Cowbirds as well as the normal suspects. Lakefield Marsh, Deyncourt Street, Lakefield Tony Bigg
March 25, 08 For at least the past five days, a Great Gray Owl has been present (and photographed) along Burnham Line near Old Norwood Road. To my knowledge, this is the first Great Gray seen in the Kawarthas this winter/spring and may mean there are others around or on their way. Burnham Line reported to Drew Monkman
March 25, 08 In the last two days, Pine Grosbeaks and Common Redpolls have moved on from our feeders. About 30 Evening Grosbeaks continue to visit, now in the company of male Common Grackles and Red-winged Blackbirds. On Mount Julian Road, within a known breeding territory, we encountered our first Red-shouldered Hawk of the season. Over Burleigh Falls we saw a lone Turkey Vulture flying north. Burleigh Falls area Michael Butler
March 24, 08 A pair of House Sparrows has already laid claim to a nest box in our backyard. The female has been spending most of today and yesterday removing nesting material that I assume has been there since last summer. I guess she's giving the place a makeover! A dozen American Robins were also in the yard late this afternoon, feeding on European Buckthorn berries. The snow is still about a metre deep in the backyard. Maple Crescent, Peterborough Drew Monkman
March 24, 08 In what's turning out to be the winter/spring of the Barred Owl, another bird has turned up, this time just north of the city. It has been sitting out in plain view in a backyard where there's lots of feeder activity and a large contingent of squirrels and chipmunks. It was present March 20th and 21st and then again today. 5th Line of Smith Township Sylvie Morgan
March 24, 08 A Northern Saw-whet Owl made a stop-over on its northward migration today. It turned up in a tree in the front yard of a house on Gilmour Street in Peterborough. Peterborough Erica Nol
March 23, 08 This morning I saw my first Common Grackles of the year along Wallis Drive. During a quick drive through of Little Lake Cemetery, a Song Sparrow, my first of the year, too, was singing. I also saw a flock of about a dozen Ring-necked Ducks in addition to the buffleheads, hooded mergansers and pied-billed grebes that were present. Peterborough Drew Monkman
March 23, 08 While preparing our Easter supper, we were treated to a short visit by an Ermine, also known as the Short-tailed Weasel. It was spotted by my daughter, Sophie . Still in its winter colouration, the weasel was pure white except for a black-tipped tail. Note that McCrea Drive, where the animal was seen, is within the city limits. McCrea Drive, Peterborough Sophie Monkman
March 21, 08 Today, I saw one Trumpeter Swan on Lower Buckhorn Lake around the mouth of the Mississauga River. He stayed there for hours. Lower Buckhorn Lake Rose Mary Rosada
March 20, 08 With spring's arrival today, Peterborough has recorded a record winter for snowfall - 304 centimetres. Although there are some gaps in local records, the snowiest winter previously was 302.7 cm in 1911-12. According to Dave Phillips of Environment Canada, 10 percent of the annual snowfall comes after the first day of spring, so there is more on the way. Peterborough  
March 1, 08 The first Turkey Vulture of the spring arrived today and is roosting in a row of tall cedars in the west end of Peterborough. Most years, as many as 10 vultures show up during spring migration and all roost together in the same stand of spruce. During the day, they are sometimes seen soaring over the west end. Edgewood Road, Peterborough Vickie Martin
March 14, 08 I heard my first American Robin in full song this morning. There was also the most feeder activity in weeks - chickadees, both nuthatches, juncoes, house sparrows, mourning doves, cardinals, a downy woodpecker, and American goldfinches Maple Crescent, Peterborough Drew Monkman
March 14, 08 This first day of mild weather (7 C) in along time also brought in some migrants. The first flocks of Red-winged Blackbirds arrived at the Kidd farm today.


County Road 8

Bruce Kidd
March 14, 08 Many Hooded Mergansers, Common Goldeneye, and Greater Scaup on the Lake today, along with 2 Buffleheads and 2 grebes (Pied-billed?) There were also crows carrying nesting material. Little Lake Ken Rumble
March 13, 08 Bohemian Waxwings are still hanging around in the area. There were about 250 birds in the trees just south of the bridge in Lakefield today. Also the Pied-billed Grebe was below and a sub-adult Bald Eagle (head turning white) was above Lock 24 today. Otonabee River and Lakefield Tony Bigg
March 8, 08 A flock of at least 150 Bohemian Waxwings kept me entertained while I shovelled snow today. Many of them came down to feed on European Buckthorn in our yard. Maple Crescent, Peterborough Drew Monkman
March 7, 08 A Pied-billed Grebe was seen at noon, just below Lock 25. Otonabee River Tony Bigg
March 7, 08 "Signs of spring today included a male Red-winged Blackbird at the feeder in our backyard in Cavan. When I went outside a few minutes later it was calling, as were a group of 4-5 robins in the neighbour's yard. While I was watching them picking tiny dried apples off the neighbour's ornamental tree, a group of 12 Bohemian Waxwings joined them. It was fun to see those two species feeding together." Cavan Scott McKinlay
March 6, 08 For the first time this spring, a male House Sparrow sat on one of our bird houses and called repeatedly today, presumably to show ownership of the box and to attract a female. He has been hanging out around the box all winter, but today was the first actual singing. Maple Crescent, Peterborough Michelle Monkman
March 6, 08 Two male Wood Ducks were seen just below the bus barns on River Road. Otonabee River Jerry Ball
March 4, 08 A dead Barred Owl was found today below a bridge on a Trent Wildlife Sanctuary trail. The bird showed no signs of trauma. Trent Wildlife Sanctuary Ingrid Jones
March 4, 08 "I heard the first Mourning Doves of the year calling this morning at around 7:30 a.m." Peterborough Everett Hannah
March 1, 08 A Brush Wolf (Coyote) has been hanging out on the west side of Chemong Road, north of the Parkway Trail towards the Simmons subdivision. Instead of a howl, its vocalization is a high pitched scream. It has also been seen between Cabot Street. and the paved "Parkway Trail". It has a lame hind leg. Simmons subdivision and Cabot Street Mel Barns
February 28, 08 "I looked out today at about 1:00 pm to see an exquisite Barred Owl staring back at me on my deck." Morton Line, Cavan Holly McBain
February 17, 08 Immature Bald Eagle sitting on ice on west side of Otonabee River, 100 metres above Lock 25. Bird was seen at about 1:00 p.m. Lock 25, Otonabee River Drew Monkman
February 15, 08 Pileated Woodpecker hammering on dead branch McCrea Drive, Peterborough Cy Monkman
February 14 , 08 During my walk to work (MNR downtown) from East City this morning, I saw three flocks of American Robins, totalling about 125 individuals flying overhead and calling. I also heard full songs of 1 House Sparrow, 1 American Robin and 1 House Finch. East City, Peterborough Andrew Jobes
February 12, 08 More signs of spring – within the last week I have seen a pair of Mourning Doves copulating on my bird feeder, pairs of Red-tailed Hawks sitting together in trees, and a Beaver on the ice at Haig’s Point in Lakefield. Lakefield and area Tony Bigg
February 11, 08 On this cold, winter day, thought I would mention that yesterday, Feb.11, we had the first Horned Lark of the year on the farm, picking around among the cattle.


County Rd. 8

Bruce Kidd
February 9, 08 A House Finch was in full song at noon today in a tree in front of our house. First House Finch song of the new year for me. Maple Crescent Drew Monkman
February 6, 08 Opossum - "this little guy sure looked cold and was not moving very fast when I saw him" Harrington Lane, Ennismore Randy Smith
February 5, 08 First smell of Skunk for 2008 - at 6 a.m. this morning - foggy and mild (4 C) Maple Crescent Drew Monkman
February 5, 08 Two Pileated Woodpeckers observed excavating dead maples on Milburn Street in Edmison Heights. One hole over two feet long and six inches or more wide. Large chips all over the snow. Milburn Street Ron Fuller
February 2, 08 12 Cedar Waxwings in yard, feeding on European Buckthorn berries Maple Crescent, Peterborough Drew Monkman
February 1, 08 Barred Owl seen in Ennismore Ennis Road Randy Smith
January 31, 08 Mature Bald Eagle seen at 1:30 p.m. flying south Cty Rd 6 and 8th Line of Dummer Horst & Elke Vauth
January 30, 08 On Jan 30 a 1st or 2nd year Bald Eagle was seen near Lakefield on River Road feeding on a carp laying on the ice. River Road Randy Smith
January 28 , 08 I heard my first Northern Cardinal of the year singing this morning. Marina Blvd, Peterborough Drew Monkman
January 8 , 08 With extremely mild temperatures of 12 C, a Woolly Bear caterpillar was found out on the lawn and active! These insects overwinter as caterpillars, spin a coccoon in the spring, and emerge from the coccoon in early summer as an Isabella Moth. Peterborough Mrs. Cain
January 5, 2008 On the Petroglyphs Christmas Bird Count, 31 species were recorded, a little below the average of 35. Birds and numbers of interest included 9 Bald Eagles, 1 Golden Eagle, 2 Black-backed Woodpeckers, 5 Gray Jays, 403 Blue Jays, 87 Pine Grosbeaks, 393 Common Redpolls, and 113 Evening Grosbeaks. Stoney Lake to Apsley area many observers