Wild Turkeys at Whitaker Street condominiums (Betty Mitchell)

Wild Turkeys at Whitaker Street condominiums – Are they looking to buy? (photo by Betty Mitchell)

This pair of Wild Turkeys has been around the Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School neighbourhood (Paddock Wood, Whitaker Street) since early June. We never know when or where they will show up.They have been hanging around our condo now since Thanksgiving. They are very tame and will walk right up to you, talking all the time.  I understand they are roosting in the monster willow on the shore of the Otonabee River up on the old Stewart 3rd Farmhouse property. I never knew Wild Turkeys could be quite this tame though. I guess the displaced foxes and coyotes from the Cunningham Blvd. subdivision haven’t figured out that these things are their McDonald’s.   Mind you, I hope that this pair isn’t the first to go.

Gord Young, Whitaker Street




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