Just an update related to my earlier Whooping Crane sighting.  I met a fellow from the MNR who, on Friday May 20, saw a Whooping Crane spiraling above the Beer Store in Peterborough (two weeks to the day after my sighting). His name is Scott Poser.

Also there are two nesting pairs of Bald Eagles on Buckhorn lake. One on Joe’s Island and one on Flat Island. The eagles moved to Joe’s Island 2 or 3 years ago, then a new pair took over Flat Island just this spring. The two nests are about 1 kilometre from each other. There may be more in the area, I haven’t been out on the lake yet. Those are just the nests that I can see from my house.

David Beaucage Johnson

Note: This makes for at least five Bald Eagle nests in the Kawarthas, including nests on Stony, Katchewanooka and the Trent River. I suspect there are more. D.M.

Whooping Crane in flight - Wikimedia

Whooping Crane in flight – Wikimedia

Bald Eagle nest on Stony Lake (photo by Jeff Jones)

Bald Eagle nest on Stony Lake (photo by Jeff Jones)

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