Over the weekend of Feb. 22-23, we had a Virginia Opossum in the backyard of our house at the southern edge of Peterborough. The animal was nestled right up against the foundation on the sunny south side of the house. It may have been  eating spilled seed at a nearby bird feeder, but I never actually saw it doing so. About five weeks ago, we had two opossums here. Although we didn’t see them at the same time, they were probably a male and a female. There was quite a size difference between the two animals. The smaller one had noticeable damage to an ear. My wife, Mary, figured it may have been frost bite. Mary first saw an opossum here a couple of years ago from her car at night near our house. 

Bryan Whitfield and Mary Beth Aspinall, Johnston Drive

Opossum - Mary Beth Aspinall - Feb. 2014

Opossum – Mary Beth Aspinall – Feb. 2014

Opossum eating kibble we put out - Mary Beth As

Opossum eating kibble we put out

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