I recently had the opportunity to update our atlas of Jack Lake fauna with data and observations from 2016 (LINK).  Since this project was initiated in 2013, we (97 individuals have reported information on sightings) have compiled more than 3,000 records involving 488 species (including 26 species at risk).  This is intended to be an ongoing project and I will be seeking the assistance of Jack Lakers again in 2017.

Steven J. Kerr, Director – Environment, Jack Lake Association

NOTE: Jack Lake is located about 45 minutes north of Peterborough, ON, on the Canadian Shield.

Common Loon (Karl Egressy)

Snapping Turtle – Rick Stankiewicz

Drew Monkman

I am a retired teacher, naturalist and writer with a love for all aspects of the natural world, especially as they relate to seasonal change.