Between June 2nd and June 12th, I saw 44 Giant Swallowtails between Cordova Mines, Marmora, Campbellford, Havelock, Norwood, and Stoney Lake. Very brief first flight this year, and started quite late, as often (2013 anyway), I will see them fairly regularly during the third and fourth week of May, and then ending in early June. Have not looked for larvae as yet, but will soon. Have now seen 31 Monarchs this year, which is only one short of the 32 I saw during all of the 2013 season, (and most of those were from the later brood that heads to Mexico). So, not tonnes of them, I know, but the season is still so early, I expect to see perhaps 60 or more this year.    Tim Dyson

On June 17th I had one Giant Swallowtail in my garden and one on the TCT between Nelson Line and David Fife Line. On June 19th I had two in my garden. Jerry also had one but I am not sure where. These are the only ones I have heard of. As of yesterday I am up to 82 species for the county this year. One more, the Leonard’s Skipper, will be out in mid-August.  Tony Bigg

Giant Swallowtail on phlox - Tim Dyson

Giant Swallowtail on phlox – Tim Dyson

Monarch Butterfly - Terry Carpenter

Monarch Butterfly – Terry Carpenter



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