Walking the TransCanada Trail from Nelson’s Rd to Settlers Line and back on the afternoon of May 7,

Yellow Warbler (Karl Egressy)

Yellow Warbler (Karl Egressy)

I found a small flock of Rusty Blackbirds near Nelson Rd, Wilson’s Snipe were winnowing in the same area, three Virginia Rails were calling in the marsh in the south-east corner at the junction of the TCT and David Fife’s Line, my only butterfly, a Spring Azure was a little way east of there, and a Winter Wren was singing at the east end of the marsh. Only three warblers were found – Yellow-rumped Warbler, Yellow Warbler, and a Palm Warbler, all three were singing. Four Red-bellied Snakes were sunning themselves on the trail just west of David Fife Liine within 100m of each other. Just west of the bridge on the Nelson-David Fife section of the trail about 500 Bloodroots were in full bloom.

Along River Rd between the 2nd and 3rd Lines of Asphodel Trout Lily, Large-flowered Bellwort, Sharp-leaved Hepatica, Dutchman’s Breeches, Spring Beauty, and Red Trillium were in bloom. Large-flowered Trilliums were in bud.

Several Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs were in a flooded field on Asphodel 3rd Line north of Cty Rd 2.

Tony Bigg, Lakefield

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