At 4:30pm today (December 18th), I had my eye out for owls once again on my way south on County Road #46, north of Havelock. At the exact spot, (though along the other side of the road this time), where I had reported the third Barred Owl of the day on December 10th, today it flew upwards from down low and came to land on a fence post. I drove on a little until I could get turned around, and I went back. Parked now on the opposite side of the road to the bird, I briefly checked him out.

This bird seemed quite nervous with me parked there, so once an approaching car had passed between me and the bird, I backed into a nearby lane and left. (I didn’t want to cause it more bother, and have it fly into traffic). As I had watched it for about ten seconds however, I did notice that it was very gray, (and was actually, quite a pale bird). I presumed it to be an adult, but I had to spare it closer examination with binoculars to be certain – it was just too upset with my being there.

Tim Dyson, Cordova Lake

Northern Barred Owl - Tim Dyson - NBR 051214 -2

Northern Barred Owl – Tim Dyson – NBR 051214 -2

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