Interesting story….. My sister Judy and I both feed our local crows and both of us have had “gifts” brought in to us by our crows and left in the crow dish. At first we thought it was just an oddity…..but now we realize it was a thank you for food given. We do not receive gifts on a regular basis. On each occasion of gifting, we had tried to pump up the feeding regimen with raw hamburg, chicken and eggs when one of our crow family was injured from a hawk attack or other incident. As they started to get stronger they would fly in with something in their beak and leave it for us.

I had mentioned my lady crow “Boot” in a previous e-mail. Although her claw is now pretty useless, it would appear she has nested again, and I am anxious to meet her fledglings when she brings them onto my deck later in June. This will be her second successful nesting since her injury and loss of her babies in 2013.

I have included a wonderful story from the BBC about a little girl in Seattle who also receives gifts from crows.  Click here.

Barb Evett, Fairbairn Street

Boots - Barb Evett

Boots – Barb Evett


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