I have lived in the area for many years….and each year has a different flavour. Last week I noticed a large number of swallows (in the hundreds) flying near the Ennismore/Bridgenorth causeway. Each day they have been there swooping over and under cars, flying at windshields. Many are colliding with the vehicles and the tiny carcasses are becoming evident. I have never seen this before. Are they going through a resurgence? I feel badly about the mortalities that are occurring.

Barb Evett

Note: I suspect the swallows were feeding on midges, a small fly which emerges from lakes and rivers even at temperatures near O C. In cold weather in early spring, midges are the only food available for swallows, hence the large congregations over water. I don’t think there’s any resurgence in swallow populations unfortunately.

Tree Swallow – Karl Egressy

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Drew Monkman

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