Purple Finch (male) - Karl Egressy

Purple Finch (male) – Karl Egressy

On February 23, there was a pair of Long-tailed Ducks actively diving in the open lead below the Ptbo. Zoo “Pumphouse dam”, viewed from Meadowvale Pk. on the east side of the Otonabee, opposite TASS School. Nearby, a backyard chipmunk took a peak outside today. Also near TASSS, a male Northern Flicker has been coming to my backyard suet since Feb. 1 and two female Purple Finches visited last week. On clear days, crows have been chasing one or two Red-tailed Hawks that attempt a mid-day soar. I haven’t seen any small wintering flocks of Cedar Waxwings since the month began. A Sharp-shinned Hawk took a House Finch in my yard last week. Starlings are wandering more widely and even investigating nest holes.

European Starling in winter plumage (white spots)

European Starling in winter plumage (white spots)

Sean Smith, Ashdale Crescent

Drew Monkman

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