American Kestrel - Wikimedia

American Kestrel – Wikimedia

  • a Great Blue Heron triumphant on one of the largest goose-rocks on the west bank of the Otonobee, from River Road.
  • a pair of American Kestrels active over the adjacent field and on the wires south of the lower sewage lagoon at Lakefield.
  • an Eastern Phoebe at Lakefield Sewage Lagoons, over the corrugated pipes near the entrance.
  • a crazy surprise: three adult Turkey Vultures raising their heads simultaneously over a blackish hillock in a farm field on the Drummond Line.
  • a Common Loon on the river in Lakefield, near the island opposite the arena
  • a lone American Black Duck on the Otonobee, at the cemetery near the rail bridge. We see so few here.

        John Fautley


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