On Sat, May 17 I heard several Marsh Wrens singing in the Lakefield Marsh

On Sun, May 18 the PFN morning group outing found me an Eastern Wood Pewee, an Alder Flycatcher (both on Division Rd), and a Grasshopper Sparrow on the TCT west of Cameron Line. One Clouded Sulphur was also seen in the latter area. In the afternoon Jerry Ball amd I ventured up to Sandy Lake Rd and I was able to add a Brown Elfin to my year’s list.

Today, Monday, May 19, I listened to a Golden-winged Warbler song (not seen so it could be a Blue-winged Warbler) on Tates Rd (off Cty Rd 507/Charle Allen Rd) just east of the bridge. Jerry Ball and I found two Dreamy Duskywings on Charlie Allen Rd, and six West Virginia Whites on Charlie Allen Rd, and the Galway-Cavendish Forest Access Rd. Also of note a Bullfrog was sitting in the middle of Tates Rd at the west end. I photographed one very close to the same point in 2009.

Tony Bigg

Golden-winged Warbler - Brendan Boyd

Golden-winged Warbler – Brendan Boyd

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