This afternoon at 3 pm, a Snowy Owl was perched on a fence post in the field on the north side of County Road 19/Smith 3rd line, about 100 metres west of Chemong Road. It was almost pure white and would therefore appear to be an adult male. This is exactly the same field as a Snowy was in last winter. The same bird?? The bird was first reported at 10:15 am by Jen Sanderson, who lives in the farm house just to the north of where the owl is. Her husband  thought he saw it earlier in the week when he came home at night. His headlights caught a rabbit scurrying up the lane ahead of the car and then suddenly what he thought might be a Snowy Owl swooped in and seemed to chase after the rabbit until he ran for shelter behind a tool shed.

Drew Monkman

Note:  The owl was still present at Chemong Rd and 3rd Line Smith on Tuesday Dec 30th at 10:30am.  It was sitting on a low mound of dirt and branches about half way across the field between Deeth & White and the farm house to the north.  Mark Browning 

Adult male Snowy Owl - Wikimedia

Adult male Snowy Owl – Wikimedia – The Chemong bird is very similar to this one.

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