My husband and I spotted a Snowy Owl at about 10 AM on November 14th. It was sitting in a tree along the side of our road.  We live about 10 min’s northwest of Young’s Point. The owl was just sitting there looking around. We were able to reverse the truck, take pictures and watch him for about 5 min’s before he flew off. Even then he only flew back into the woods about 30 feet and landed again.  It was pretty exciting, since neither of us had ever seen one before. Unfortunately we don’t have a very good camera, so this is the best shot we got.  We haven’t seen him since.

Karen Millage

Snowy Owl - Nov. 15 - Young's Pt. - Karen Millage

Snowy Owl – Nov. 14 – Young’s Pt. – Karen Millage

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Drew Monkman

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