Snowy Owl - David Hemmings

Snowy Owl – David Hemmings

I live very close to the London Street Footbridge and my dog, Andy, and I often walk across the bridge to wander through Turtle Island in Rotary Park.  Less than a week ago, we were approaching the bridge when I heard some crows calling and racing to an area northeast of us.  They were making a ruckus, so I waited for them to come closer, knowing that they were probably harassing a bird of prey.  You can imagine my surprise when I saw a Snowy Owl come in to view.  It was being tormented by two crows (it had sounded like a whole murder of them!) and quickly (and awkwardly) flew across the water, passed a ways in front of us, and disappeared into the east. I could hear the crows for quite some time, so it may have landed somewhere is search of refuge. To my eyes, it was a textbook sighting.  He or she had colouring and markings much like the photo that you shared in the newspaper and there was no wondering on my part.  I saw the bird and thought, “Snowy Owl.” I had heard that they were showing up in this region in greater numbers, but I was still surprised and thrilled to see one!

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