I have a couple of beautiful Serviceberry (Juneberry) trees at the corner of my house, which the Cedar Waxwings just love. This year, however, I have noticed that I have at least three – and maybe four – waxwings nesting in the shrubs right beside the Serviceberries. Outside, I can’t get close enough to look in the nests, but from inside I can see there is a mama sitting on each one. Entertainment is the word. The waxwings are particularly busy – and noisy – at about 5 am! Also, at the back of the house right on the river these days, I am constantly being dive-bombed by Barn Swallows!

Mollie Cartmell

Cedar Waxwing nest with eggs - Wikimedia

Cedar Waxwing nest with eggs – Wikimedia

Cedar Waxwings - Wikimedia

Cedar Waxwings – Wikimedia

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