Spruce Grouse - Tom Northey

Spruce Grouse close-up – Tom Northey

I was up in Algonquin Park this weekend for a tracking workshop and saw a few signs of spring.

displaying Spruce Grouse - Tom Northey

displaying Spruce Grouse – Tom Northey

While trying to decide if there was a difference between the tracks of a Ruffed Grouse to those of a Spruce Grouse the owner of the tracks showed up. The male Spruce Grouse put on quite a show trying to impress the female who was unimpressed. Apparently the nesting will begin when the snow cover is 50% melted. The other sign of spring were the Gray Jays. The park naturalists know of 4 pairs that are sitting on eggs.

Gray Jay -Tom Northey Algonquin Park - March 2014

Gray Jay -Tom Northey Algonquin Park – March 2014

White-tailed Deer were were quite numerous. We saw 21 on the way up and back. The majority were seen from Minden north to the end of 35 Hwy. Most were having a tough time in the snow that was up to their belly in places.

I know this is a little north of your area but thought you would find some interest in these sightings.

Tom Northey, Little Britain

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