On August 23, I saw about 25 Barn Swallows on hydro wires on the 4th Line of Douro-Dummer near Cottesloe. So few these days. On August 25, I was riding my bike in the same location and saw 5 or so Barn Swallows in the same location. As I rode further and turned on County Road 38 to Warsaw, I saw a further flock of about 20 to 25 birds. Great to see them on the hydro lines eating bugs. As my cycling progressed towards Warsaw, I was coming down the hill and saw a further grouping of about 10 swallows swooping beside me and in front of me on the bike. This was totally amazing and the first real contact I have had with Barn Swallows for a while. A real treat to see. Great to see they still exist!

Randy Romano

N.B.  The Barn Swallow is now listed as a species at risk in Ontario and has legal protection from human activities such as destroying nests. D.M.

Barn Swallow – Karl Egressy

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Drew Monkman

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