While walking in Burnham Woods this morning, September 3, I came across this striking fungus called Blushing Rosette, abortiporus biennia. The sun was hitting it and the “guttation” drops sparkled like rubies. Sue Paradisis

Blushing Rosette fungus – Sue Paradisis

We thought you might like this picture of a cute, baby Eastern Hog-nosed Snake that we came across while camping on Rathbun Lake near Apsley this month. Al and Mary Smith, Lakefield

Baby Eastern Hog-nosed Snake (Al and Mary Smith)

On September 9 I spotted an Imperial Moth caterpillar moving on some paving stones.  This one was predominately brown but I gather the colour varies from green to brown.  We must try the white sheet method of an evening in June in hopes of seeing this beautiful moth.
On September 17, a Blue-spotted Salamander was seen amongst leaf litter, possibly looking for a place to hibernate.  It hardly moved while being photographed.
And we have good news about our Snapping Turtle nest.  We’ve had 19 hatchlings, 18 on September 21 and just one more on September 22.  Most of the snappers on the 21st were fairly active after emerging from the nest but the single hatchling on the 22nd needed several hours before it started to move.  Two of the eggs didn’t hatch.  All were deposited in or near shallow muddy water in several different locations.  As always we hope some survive. It’s nice to have some good news! Stephenie Armstrong, Warsaw

Blue-spotted Salamander – Stephenie Armstrong

On September 24, I came across this Eastern Hog-nosed Snake on the Mississauga River trail just north of Buckhorn. These creatures maybe feared and demonized but are pretty much unmatched for their sheer, simple beauty. And this one is listed as Threatened under the Ontario Endangered Species Act. Peter Currier, Peterborough

Eastern Hog-nosed Snake (Peter Currier)


I took the dog for a walk this morning, September 27, and saw this white bird standing on the lily pads.  It looks like a Great Egret, being almost the same size as a Great Blue Heron.   Joe Taylor, Rice Lake

Great Egret on Rice Lake (Joe Taylor)

Drew Monkman

I am a retired teacher, naturalist and writer with a love for all aspects of the natural world, especially as they relate to seasonal change.