Jennie Versteeg -Scarlet Cup - Burnham 20140508

Jennie Versteeg -Scarlet Cup – Burnham Woods – May 8, 2014

Remember our scarlet cups from last year? Well, for the 2nd year in a row I found one at Burnham Woods, so I think we can conclude that they are a regular–just hard to spot. Very early May must be the time here. By 8 May my specimen had been well munched on. Same kind of substrate as last year, but way on other side of the property, almost completely hidden in leaf litter.

The flowers are finally about to really pop at Burnham and there seem to be (at least) two Black-throated Green Warblers this year.

Jennie Versteeg

scarlet cup Jennie Versteeg Ballyduff 2013

scarlet cup Jennie Versteeg Ballyduff 2013

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