Northern Flicker and American Robin -Sue-Paradisis

Northern Flicker and American Robin -Sue-Paradisis

The Northern Flicker was back again on Saturday, but I almost didn’t notice it because there were so many American Robins in the crabapple behind him.

The robins returned to the crabapple in the middle of the snowstorm on March 12. There was a real feeding frenzy for a couple of days as they darted in and out of the spruces to eat the crab apples. Now they have dispersed throughout the neighborhood and are singing. They are still coming back to the tree for food though.

I strongly recommend to your readers that “Red Splendor” crabapple is an excellent tree to plant. It is a prolific and spectacular bloomer with medium pink blossoms and 1000’s of crab apples that stay on the tree throughout the winter. So many birds are attracted to the fruit but especially the robins when they return in the spring. This year there isn’t much else for them.

Sue Paradisis, Tudor Crescent 

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