The ice left Stoney Lake on April 12 this year, which is a little earlier than I had anticipated this year. I have included the dates of freeze-up and ice-out for the past few years. I know I have older records and will send them along. Freeze-up in 2015 was an anomaly as the lake didn’t freeze until into 2016. In 2002 or 2003 we had a somewhat similar freeze-up – the difference being that Northey’s Bay had frozen in late December, but the main lake stayed open until about the 15th of January. Dennis Johnson, Northey’s Bay Road

Year   Freeze-up           Ice-out
2017     TBD                     12-Apr
2016     15-Dec                 01-Apr
2015     5-Jan, 2016         17-Apr

2014     13-Dec                  24-Apr
2013     13-Dec                  20-Apr
2012     26-Dec                  23-Mar
2011      27-Dec                 15-Apr
2010     09-Dec                  02-Apr
2009     13-Dec                  13-Apr
2004     14-Dec                  18-Apr

Tundra Swans on ice on Pigeon Lake – March 5, 2017 – photo by Rick and Marge Decher

Drew Monkman

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