Yesterday (Dec. 1), my husband John and I saw a small white goose on the Otonabee River, just south of Lakefield. Initially we thought it was a Snow Goose. However, because it was close to shore, we soon noticed its small size. This was easy to establish because it was beside several Mallards and was about the same size as them. There was a darkish patch at the base of the bill, but there was definitely no darker “lip-line” along the bill. It also seemed heavier set and more compact than a Snow Goose. Just to be sure, we returned to Lakefield today and found the goose on the Lakefield beach (at the trailer park). We were able to get very close looks at it and see all of the distinguishing field marks.  Marie Duchesneau and John Fautley

Don Sutherland, Simon Dodsworth and I went out at lunch today, December 1, to look for the Ross’s  Goose found earlier today by John Fautley and Marie Duchesneau.  It was present among the Canada Geese as soon as we arrived.  Attached are some photos showing the very stubby bill, greyish/purple at the base, and the lack of any “grinning patch” (present in Snow Goose).  Great find John!

Ross's Goose - Dec. 2 2014 - Lakefield  - Colin Jones

Ross’s Goose – Dec. 2 2014 – Lakefield – Colin Jones

Ross's Goose 2 - Dec. 2 2014 - Lakefield  - Colin Jones

Ross’s Goose 2 – Dec. 2 2014 – Lakefield – Colin Jones

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