Some times the ‘bird of the day / week / year’ shows up early. My wife, Emily, and I were off to Presquile on May 16  (our traditional wedding anniversary drive), and followed our usual route across the River Road, just west of Hastings. This magnificent Red-headed Woodpecker flashed across the wind screen and landed in a tree right at the side of the road. He was on Em’s side, so this picture is hers – I got to park the car on an angle on the road to block the traffic (there was none) and give her an easier shot through the open window.

It has been several years since I saw one of these – we both immediately recognized it in the air as we had experience from many years ago on the golf course we played on. He was with us for about a minute before moving on behind us. We were just past the stop sign where River Road becomes really ‘unassumed’ – there is pasture to the left (north) and hardwood to the south. Routine day after that ! – except for the anniversary itself, of course (49, I’m told).

Don Pettypiece, Peterborough

Red-headed Woodpecker on River Road, near Hastings - Don Pettypiece

Red-headed Woodpecker on River Road, near Hastings – Don Pettypiece

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