A couple of weeks back I had just left my campsite in Lakehurst and walked along the shore of Buckhorn Lake. I had stopped to chat with another camper when I noticed a very large eagle soar into my site. It was very large, all brown (the sun was shining on it and it had a golden hue) with no other discernible markings. Today while at the camp another camper told me he observed an eagle being chased by our resident osprey. He said the eagle was very big and brown with no white on the underside. Apparently the size of the eagle made the osprey look small. So I am thinking we have a resident Golden Eagle. Have you had other Golden Eagle sitings in the area? Will have to keep my camera handy.

Barb Evett

Note: I am not aware of any sightings. When these birds are seen in the Kawarthas, it is usually in late fall, winter and early spring. They nest in far northern Ontario.  D.M.

Golden Eagle photographed at Petroglyph Provincial Park (Tim Dyson)

Golden Eagle photographed at Petroglyph Provincial Park (Tim Dyson)

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