Peregrine - Karl Egressy

Peregrine – Karl Egressy

Peregrine in downtown Peterborough in 2009 - Rick Stankiewicz

Peregrine in downtown Peterborough in 2009 – Rick Stankiewicz

I want to a sighting of what we believe to have been a Peregrine Falcon. Back on February 15th my son and I were on the walkway between the King St parking lot and George St (behind the stores on Charlotte St). We came across a falcon standing proudly on top of a recently caught pigeon. Amazingly, we were only 10 metres away from the bird and walked slowly beside it while it simply turned its head and watched us. We stood there for several more minutes. The falcon did not fly off; it did however keep a continuous eye on us.Returning through this walkway several hours later all that remained were a few feathers. We had a great view of the bird and checked it out in our bird book and we are quite certain it was indeed a Peregrine. 

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