Tornado Tuesdays, flooding and heavy rainfall events will remain on Ontarian’s minds when looking back at June 2014. Precipitation continued to be well above normal values in Northern Ontario, especially in the Northwest, with many locales receiving more than double the expected precipitation for the month of June. Central and Eastern Ontario were also significantly wetter-than-normal. On the other hand, the northernmost portions of the Far North, Northeastern and Southwestern Ontario experienced drier-than-normal conditions this month, receiving about a third of the precipitation expected in June.

In terms of temperatures, across the province, mean temperatures ranged from normal to warmer-than-normal. The largest departures from normal were 2-3 degrees above the expected values for the month.
source: Geoff Coulson Warning Preparedness Meteorologist Environment Canada …. 416-739-4466

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Drew Monkman

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