Cold temperatures and snow characterized this first month of the year 2014.

Despite a few days with temperatures above seasonal, starting around January 10, the mean temperatures this month were colder than normal throughout the province. There were a few exceptions – Moosonee, Petawawa and Ottawa – which experienced temperatures within the normal range. Elsewhere, mean temperatures for the month were below normal values by as much as 3.6 degrees Celsius.

Snowfall amounts were above normal in the northwest, the western part of the Far North, sections of the northeast and most of southwestern Ontario. Windsor set a record for the most snow ever received in any month (not just for a January) at that location, with 93.6 centimetres. The record had been 90.6 centimetres, set in December 2000. A few other locations also approached record values. For example, it was the second snowiest January in both Muskoka and Sault Ste. Marie.

source: Geoff Coulson Warning Preparedness Meteorologist Environment Canada …. 416-739-4466

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Drew Monkman

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