Tricoloured Bumble Bee on goldenrod

Tri-colored Bumble Bee on goldenrod

At our lot in Galway, Cavendish & Harvey Township north of Bobcaygeon, we have never seen the cherry trees so loaded as this summer. We have had a small crew of Cedar Waxwings in our meadow all summer, but we have yet to see them or anyone else help themselves to the feast(including a two-year old Black Bear who has been foraging in the meadow since early spring). Our two apple trees are also loaded, to the delight of the deer, raccoons and bear(s). By the way, one of my prized American Chestnut trees had catkins again this year, so I’m hopeful for more of these rare chestnuts, and of course hopeful that they will spread. I will help out with that, if I get the chance. The hummingbird offspring made their first appearance at our feeder last weekend (a male and a female). It was a busy place the whole time we were there, so I put up another feeder for them. The Red (aka Swamp) Maples started to turn in the last week of July, about a month earlier than normal. Some of them on the road from Emily Park to Bobcaygeon (County Road 17) are completely red! Already!!

I have some Monarda fistulosa in my backyard in Peterborough, which is usually well covered with bumble bees, but which the honey Bees seem to ignore. The latter seem to prefer the lavender out front.
Michael Doran
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