Yesterday I found a bird that had flown into my window and was killed. I realized that it was a bird I had never seen before and pulled out my bird books. It was a Varied Thrush, although all three of the books I checked indicate that the range for this species is the west coast. I took several pictures of the bird and have placed in a baggy to freeze and preserve. We live on Lovesick Lake about a mile west of Burleigh Falls.

(The last Varied Thrush in Peterborough County that I’m aware of was seen here in early 2001. It came to a feeder near Petroglyph Provincial Park for a week or so. One or two of these birds turn up most winters somewhere in Ontario.

On November 26, the skin of the Lovesick bird was prepared by Michael T. Butler of Trent University. He will be sending it to the Royal Ontario Museum. The following are his notes: Windowkill Location: Peterborough County, Galway-Cavendish-Harvey Twp., 44.56195, -78.22391 Weight: 85 g Wing: 124 mm Fat: moderately heavy Gizzard contained fruit from Highbush Cranberry (Viburnum trilobum) Skull fully ossified (after hatching year). Sex: male – Drew)

Location: Lovesick Lake
Observer: Dorothy MacDonald

Categories: Sightings

Drew Monkman

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