American Woodcock face - Wikimedia

American Woodcock face – Wikimedia

I thought you might be interested in hearing that I saw an American Woodcock this morning, April 3, when I was out for a walk at around 6 am. I heard the “peent” sounds it continually repeats and then saw it fly up while making the same sound. I watched and listened  for 10 mins or so. There may have been two, but I am not certain. The best part, however, is that all of this was happening right here in the city,  down from my house by Walmart on Milroy Drive!

Sabine McConnell

American Woodcock - Karl Egressy

American Woodcock – Karl Egressy

 At 8.05 pm tonight, April 3, I saw and heard an American Woodcock on the opposite side of Thompson Creek from my house on Scollard Drive, just south of Trent University.

Dave Milsom


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