Beavers "munching" on a willow branch  - Karen Pero Cooper

Beavers “munching” on a willow branch – Karen Pero Cooper

Reporting a sighting from last night of 3 otters together on the far shore of the river ice behind my house just north of Omemee! They were playing, and rolling around with one another, and just carrying on for ages, in between diving for fish. Of course, I didn’t recall until they moved on that my camera had been set for bright light earlier in the day, so all the great photos I took of their play turned out black… I was bemoaning this to my husband when I suddenly noticed that two huge lumps of mud had washed up on the near shore; and before I could say aloud, “How did that mud get there?” the lumps moved and shuffled… a pair of beavers were munching on a fallen willow branch hanging in the water. By this time, it was nearly dark- and I could not get enough light to take a decent picture. I’ve attached one that I really raised the brightness in, so you can make out the shapes. But talk about the night of the giant mammals!! Five wonderful animals, and not a single decent picture! Rats!!

Karen Pero Cooper, Omemee

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