Choke Cherries. Our Choke Cherry trees have never had berries on them before, and this year they are dripping with them.

Smilax. Again we have two Smilax plants growing on the farm, far apart from each other, which is interesting. The one plant is gorgeous this year and heavy with berries which are beginning to turn blue.

Also, a few Wild Turkeys, but no evidence of the usual family. No rabbits or foxes but lots of flora. Overwhelmed with grape vines ... never seen anything like the greenery on the farm this year. And overwhelmed with Poison Ivy …out of the blue. From one tiny patch to incredible. The usual spread of Dog Strangling Vine which a licensed friend sprayed for us.

Darienne McCauley, Bland Line, Mount Pleasant

Choke Cherry - Aug. 2014 - Darienne McAuley

Choke Cherry – Aug. 2014 – Darienne McAuley

Smilax - Darienne McAuley

Smilax – Darienne McAuley

Poison Ivy - Drew Monkman

Poison Ivy – Drew Monkman


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