I have two days worth of sightings to report. The first is from May 2. We were on University Road, at a marsh on both sides of the road, south of the Wildlife  Sanctuary. We saw Chris Risley (lol) who helped us to identify a small group of Ring-necked Ducks, a Pied-billed Grebe, a Beaver, a trio of Canada Geese having a heated argument, a pair of Hooded Mergansers, Tree Swallows, a flicker calling, and we also spotted a heronry, with at least 12 nests. I saw 6 Great Blue Herons, some in the nests, and one breaking twigs off of a tree, and unfortunately, 6 dead turtles on that one stretch of road :( very sad.

Eastern Kingbird (by David Frank, Cavan)

Eastern Kingbird (by David Frank, Cavan)

On May 8, I found a Gray Treefrog in my Tudor Crescent garden, underneath a clay pot. It was really neat, as it was the first time I’ve found one of them in my yard. That same day, I went walking to a drainage pond on Marsdale Dr by Monsignor O’Donogue School. It backs onto a large marsh that becomes Downer’s Corners. There I saw Killdeer (2) aYellow Warbler, and an Eastern Kingbird. As I was leaving, I heard Wood Frogs (the ones that sound like quacking) and American Toads trilling.

Observer: Catherine Paradisis

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