There has been another big flight of Red Admiral butterflies into Ontario these last few days (including today). We had at least 20 admirals in the yard this afternoon. With all of the bird migrants that arrived last night, you have to think that the winds have been favorable to butterfly migration, too. I noticed quite a few at Beavermead this morning, flying about despite the overcast, damp conditions. The ROM blog also confirms the arrival of more butterflies (

Martin and Kathy Parker were at 2nd Marsh, Oshawa, today and then drove east to Port Hope. There were lots and lots of butterflies, mostly Red Admirals, moving off the lake onto the land. Scanning the open water of the marsh was like watching a parade of butterflies going by. On the drive to Port Hope the butterflies were consistently crossing the road from south to north.

Location: see Sighting notes
Observer: Drew Monkman; Martin and Kathy Parker

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