Here is an interesting trip report from OFO (Ontario Field Ornithologists) to the Carden Alvar, just north of Kirkfield. It is well worth a trip! “The OFO group had excellent and lengthy views of a Loggerhead Shrike near bluebird box 10 on Wylie Road, which was the highlight of the trip on Sunday (May 27). There are now only about 11 pairs on the Carden Alvar of this critically endangered migrans subspecies in Canada. In the morning we walked north on Wylie Road to the Sedge Wren Marsh. Many Brown Thrashers, Baltimore Orioles, Bobolinks and Eastern Meadowlarks were singling loudly along the route. We also had a singing Grasshopper Sparrow perched on a mullein stalk and Eastern Towhee. We missed Sedge Wren for the first time in many years. After lunch at the Lift Lock, we viewed an adult Great Horned Owl with two young in an old Great Blue Heron’s nest in the small active heronry on the east side of Shrike Road south of McNamee Road. Seven Upland Sandpipers were along Shrike Road. At marshes adjacent Prospect Road south of Highway 48 we had Blue-winged Teal, Virginia Rail and Marsh Wren. We ended the day with Green Heron and Clay-colored Sparrow. Other highlights for the day were seeing both Alder and Willow Flycatchers singing their distinctive songs. Carden’s signature wildflower, Prairie Smoke, covered the alvar meadows.”

Location: Kirkfield, Ontario (northwest of Lindsay) Go to
Observer: Ontario Field Ornithologists and Jean Iron

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