Black Swallowtail (Lowell Lunden)

Black Swallowtail (Lowell Lunden)

More butterflies and a few new birds

May 18 – Three West Virginia White butterflies on Bass Lake Rd by Nogies Creek

May 19 – Several Bobolinks calling around the county

May 20 – Three Black Swallowtails and four Clouded Sulphurs around the intersection of Base Line and Nelson Rd. Alder Flycatchers on Base Line between Heritage Line and Drummond Line

May 21 – Silvery Blue on the TCT between Nelson Rd. and David Fife Line. Willow Flycatcher near the intersection of Base Line and Nelson Rd.

May 22 – Harvester and Cherry Gall Azure (the latter feeding on a Choke Cherry bush with leaves with multiple galls), and an Indigo Bunting singing from a dead tree, all on the TCT between Cameron Line and CR 38. A Vesper Sparrow was singing on Cameron Line just south of Hwy 7.

Observer: Tony Bigg


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