This evening, Jerry Ball and I spent a few hours looking for amphibians crossing roadways. We cruised Birchview Road east of Highway 28 south of Young’s Point eastward to Camp Road and then south to County Road 6. The diversity of speces was impressive — 4 species of salamanders and 7 species of frogs. Salamanders Blue-spotted Salamander — 11 Spotted Salamander — 4 Eastern Newt — 2 Four-toed Salamander — 1 Frogs Spring Peeper — lots on roadway and calling in wetlands Chorus Frog – one Wood Frog — on roadway and calling Green Frog — on roadway Leopard Frog — lots on roadway Gray Treefrog — one on roadway American Toad — two on roadway

Location: Clear Lake
Observer: Martin Parker

Categories: Sightings

Drew Monkman

I am a retired teacher, naturalist and writer with a love for all aspects of the natural world, especially as they relate to seasonal change.