I photographed this spectacular American Robin on October 3rd. It has been gracing our yard since last spring. It built a nest on the downspout of our garage, and there were three, possibly four babies in the nest. Earlier in the summer, the robin still displayed some darker feathers. As you can see, however, it is now almost completely white.

Judy Perron, Nassau Road, Douro-Dummer Township

(Note: This bird is leucistic, which means it is lacking the colour pigment known as melanin. Some melanin is present, however, in the eye and wing feathers. Albino birds, on the other hand, show no colour at all – not even in the eye – hence the red appearance from the blood vessels. D.M.)

leucistic American Robin - Judy Perron Oct. 2015

leucistic American Robin – Judy Perron Oct. 2015

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Drew Monkman

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