Red-tails perched on fence

Red-tails perched on fence as my husband approached them

Close-up view of one of the juvenile Red-tails (Sherry Oldham)

Close-up view of one of the juvenile Red-tails (Sherry Oldham)

On July 27, two juvenile Red-tailed Hawks appeared in and around our yard  for the better part of an hour.  They would perch on the fences or rooftops and then soar around for a few minutes and return.  One of them landed on the ground and seemed to be eating something but we could not see what it was.  Later, they perched side by side on the fence. My husband, Deb, went outside and approached them.  They stayed on the fence and did not appear at all upset that he came as close as he did.  They stayed around for at least another 10 minutes.  I have seen one hawk twice since then.  About four mornings ago, one was sitting in the same spot on the fence and I went outside and talked to it.  Again there was no fear.  He looked at me and just sat there.  It has been a great experience.  I hope they return.

Observer: Sherry Oldham, Parkwood Circle, Peterborough

(Note: These hawks are probably two of the young raised by the pair of Red-tails that nested this spring and summer in Jackson Park. Parkwood Circle is located just west of Jackson Park – D.M.)


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