Did you notice that it “rained” little toads on Friday night? That was around the MNR building on Water street. You could not even walk accross the parking lots without stepping on the poor little guys. (Note: According to Don Sutherland of M.N.R., this was due to a mass emergence of American Toads from a breeding pond. The man-made water-cooling pond on the south side of the MNR building is used by a large number of American Toads for breeding. Strong choruses of calling males could be heard there in early May. Toad tadpoles can metamorphose into toadlets in as little as 40-50 days and usually disperse from breeding ponds en masse on warm, rainy nights.)

Location: Water Street at Charlotte in downtown Peterborough
Observer: Ernie Basciano

Categories: Sightings

Drew Monkman

I am a retired teacher, naturalist and writer with a love for all aspects of the natural world, especially as they relate to seasonal change.